Kin Wars Saga


Books of the Kin Wars Saga

  1. Wraithkin — (Theogony Books — 12/15/2016)
  2. Darkling — (Theogony Books — 4/13/2018)
  3. Deathlords — (Theogony Books — 8/30/2018)
  4. Homeguard — (Theogony Books — 3/15/2019)
  5. Winterborn— (Theogony Books — 2020)

Short Stories in the Kin Wars Universe

Chronological Timeline of the Dominion of Man

*Note: title of book or story the event occurs in is listed in bold and italics.

  • 2265 – Discovery of ancient alien gate orbiting near Neptune in the Sol System. Mankind manages to reverse engineer the technology.
  • 2268 – First trip through the jump gate accomplished by a combined Ukranian/Russian research team. They discover a habitable planet and name it Ludansk (after the commander of the science ship).Two gates are discovered here – the one from which they arrived through, and one off to parts unknown.
  • 2275 – It is discovered by research teams that every jump gate can be directed to another jump gate once the proper sequence is figured out. Five new gate destinations are located from Earth – including one to Lagertha, which is a direct connection to Ceres.
  • 2284 – The Caliphate of Europe gains political traction and seizes control of the EU, UN, and NATO due to the control of Germany, Belgium, UK, France, Netherlands, Italy, Austria, and Denmark. War erupts between the Caliphate and the recently reformed Romanov Russia.
  • 2291 – The Caliphate claims Earth. Many wealthy western nations have tried to escape to the stars, only to discover too late that they are unable to leave. The Caliphate of Earth begins to perform the razzia al-jana, or the conquering of the heavenly bodies. Ludansk is the first to fall.
  • 2308 – In the newly-colonized southwestern region of the charted gate map, the Caliphate conquers Almalik, which is the center of the region. From there it quickly expands into the neighboring planets.
  • 2310 – the southwest region is fully neutralized and under the Caliphate control. The al-Nasir family is granted governorship over the region. Their immediate rule is fair and treats those under their care well. The southwestern region flourishes.
  • 2599 – The al-Nasir clan, in the name of the Caliph of Earth, begins to exercise heavy tax burdens on the people under its rule. Almost 300 years of tranquility and economic growth comes crashing to a halt. Protests begin, which are ruthlessly put down by the standing army. More protests occur.
  • 2601 – The Blood Moon riots occur. Riots across all five inhabited “Core” world in the southwest simultaneously occur. A minor lieutenant rises up and becomes the vocal leader of the surprising rebellion.
  • 2602 – David Lukas, now recognized as the leader of the insurrection movement, begins the official war by cutting the al-Nasir off from Earth and taking Ceres. Caliphate ships attempting to traverse the jump gate from Earth are destroyed as they translate in. Quite a few Navy admirals switch sides and pledge their allegiance to David. Within weeks of arriving on Ceres he has an armada of over one hundred navy ships, and is receiving funding from various wealthy merchant families residing under the harsh rule of the al-Nasir clan.
  • 2602-2610 – The War of Independence. David deals the al-Nasir family minor defeats but is unable to achieve a knockout blow. Millions die as both sides commit horrible atrocities in an attempt to win.
  • August 2, 2611 – The Battle of Hariri Bay occurs. A rare land battle during the war, David Lukas, commanding the Last Guard, destroys the Army of the Most Faithful decisively despite being outnumbered 5-to-1. Khalil al-Nasir, the ruling head of the al-Nasir family, is captured during the battle. The al-Nasir were so certain of their victory that they had allowed all the sons of the Emir to attend the battle as well. They were all captured with their father.
  • September 22, 2611 – Battle of Hariri Bay ends when Emir Khalil al-Nasir and his five sons are executed by hanging at David’s command. This is now celebrated as All Gallow’s Eve.
  • September 23, 2612 – Independence Day. One year and one day after their decisive victory over the al-Nasir family, the Dominion of Man is formed under the rule of David Lukas. The wealthy merchants who supported David during the rebellion are given lands and titles. A new calendar is begun (Foundation Era, or 1 F.E.). Emperor David begins his rule from the planet his rebellion started on – Ceres. David begins consolidating all of the other planets under his rule.
  • 4 F.E. – Belleza Sutil joins the Dominion. This is key, as the planet is the center of all trade expanding out to the Fringe planets beyond the Core.
  • 7 F.E. – David moves his throne and parliament to the planet of Almalik and renames it Trono del Terra, or Throne World. This planet is center to all the Core worlds and also a major bridge to all of the Fringe planets beyond.
  • 9 F.E. – Solomon Lukas, presumptive heir to the throne, is born.
  • 14 F.E. – Anvil is settled. This later becomes the center of all Naval construction due to the massive asteroid belts surrounding the star and raw materials both on it and around. Anvil is a rough planet but key to the Dominion.
  • 15 – 22 F.E. – Kurong, Kurma, Solomon, and Copernicus all join the Dominion. Four other planets in the galactic south of the Dominion break off and form their own nation. Instead of risking another war Emperor David lets them go. They become the Domai Republic and consist of Titian, Pravo, Giorgione, and Belini. They become the largest trade partner with the Dominion.
  • 29 F.E. – Parliament, seeing a rise of sickly and ill adults unable to contribute, passes the Imperfect Law. Genetic testing is now required of all children upon reaching the age of 3. A second test is given whenever a person wishes to marry, just in case. Two distinct classes emerge within the Dominion – Perfects, and Imperfects.
  • 30 F.E. – Emperor David Lukas dies. Emperor Solomon Lukas ascends the throne.
  • 39 F.E. – Sarah Lukas, first born of Emperor Solomon Lukas and heir apparent, is born.
  • 42 F.E. – Crown Princess Sarah is declared an Imperfect; however, it is ruled that the Royal Family does not have to abide by the Imperfect laws.
  • 43 F.E. – Ibliss is settled.
  • 59 F.E. – Crown Princess Sarah crafts the Twelve Laws, dictating the rights and responsibilities of the people in the Dominion,and the responsibilities and limits that the Dominion had over its subjects. It is both roundly criticized and applauded as a new age of peace and prosperity reigns.
  • 96 F.E. – The first Wraith suit is designed. The Mark I is bulky, slow, cumbersome, but has a tremendous amount of firepower. It is field tested and determined that it is not worth using on regular troops due to the mentality of a professional soldier. A pilot of a Wraith needed to be “crazy” to wear one. (Imperfect Mind)
  • 99 F.E. – Empress Sarah II, daughter of the legendary empress, assumed the throne.
  • 102 F.E. – The Insurrectionist Event, which was scrubbed from most history books, occurs when military commanders out at Anvil go rogue. Wraiths are sent to quell it, and quietly. They are nearly wiped out to the last but defeat the rebellion
  • 155 F.E. – First Contact with an alien species,which are dubbed “Abassi”.
  • 157 F.E. – War begins between the Dominion and Heaven, which is the rough translation of the Abassi nation’s name.  The aliens lose a few planets near Anvil right off the bat, which are quickly colonized by the Dominion. (I,Behemoth)
  • 157 – 201 F.E. – A semi “Cold War” erupts between the Dominion and Heaven. Border skirmishes are the norm but nobody is dedicating the resources to all-out warfare. The Dominion is worried about the growing rumors from Earth suggesting that the Caliphate is returning to reclaim their worlds, thus can’t effectively fight the aliens, while xenobiologists believe that the Abassi are fighting a powerful enemy on their other front and are unable to dedicate the resources to wiping out the Dominion.
  • 178 F.E. – The Kurong Insurrection occurs.
  • 194 F.E. – The Seiji Affair occurs when it is discovered that the Seiji Clan was selling military secrets to the Domai Republic. The family is put on the Black List and hunted down. A few escape and make it to Maelstrom. Others, however, disappear deep underground with the help of rogue DIA and DIB agents who were in on the scheme.
  • 202 F.E. – Mark VI Wraith suit comes out. It is smaller than the rest of the previous renditions, though larger than a Darksuit.
  • 204 F.E. – New Israel is captured.
  • 206 F.E. – The Abassi take Ibliss from theDominion.
  • 208 F.E. – The Abassi take Ptolemy (Wraithkin)

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