So you want an autographed copy and can’t get to a convention anytime soon? No problem. Simply send me a message through here and we can work out an arrangement.

It’s that simple.

Want me to attend your convention? Let me know at the above mentioned place. I only require a guest pass for me and my handler. It’s pretty easy this way. I can attend panels and the handler will ensure I don’t starve due to forgetfulness. Everybody wins!

Any reviews? My publishers wants to hear from you.

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  1. Daniel,

    which I could say “Sorry about that” but I’d be lying…

    Glad you enjoyed it, though. The words “I lost sleep because of your book” is music to an author’s ear…

  2. No clue. The only thing is when I click the links they change from blue to purple, meaning I’ve visited them before. Other than that, no idea.

    1. So OK, I finally hacked it out… I’m sure there’s a better way, but what I did is a screen capture of my page while zoomed in, I then put it in GIMP and got the HTML code “4a630f”. I went into the style.css and searched for each one of those, replacing it with “0645AD” – Wikipedia’s link color. There is probably a better way, but this seemed to work! Not that you asked.

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