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I like to paint miniatures. It’s helpful and reduces my stress. I’ll post pics up here of current works in progress and whatnot.



A Tau Devilfish I painted back in 2007/08. Note the urban camo scheme, and the lack of highlights. I was experimenting.

HQ and Bodyguards

Tau HQ and bodyguards. He had a name but I don’t remember what it was. They were incomplete at the time (the basing wasn’t done and highlights needed to be cleaned up) but this is the only picture I have of them.

Stinky 1

Stinky, my big carnifex. He was designed to soak up a lot of fire and distract opponents while the genestealers went in and ate everything else alive. Painted in 2006.

BlueGreenBlack Knight

One of my Bretonian knights I’ve painted more recently.

I’m also a bit of a professional gamer. Yeah, you read that right. I love World of Tanks and managed to make it onto a Bronze League team with eyes on Gold. Oh, stats? Sure, I got those. If you play, message me sometime if you’re looking to see how a writer plays the game (some would say “poorly”).

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