• “A great combination of story-telling skill and imagination that really hooks you.” ~ Larry Correia, bestselling author of the Grimnoir Chronicles and Monster Hunter International.
  • “It (Wraithkin) has a little bit of everything. Slam-bang action. Romance. Family. Friendship. A big canvas, with a dystopian government to be alternately fought and defended…Jason’s writing keeps getting better and better, and this is a story to immerse yourself in fully… If you like milSF, you will love this book. And even if you don’t, but like big novels full of life and vigor, you will still love this book.” ~ Barb Caffrey, blogger and author of An Elfy on the Loose.
  • “A vivid, visceral foray into a world where gaming becomes convincingly real” ~ Janet Morris, editor and author of the New York Times bestselling Heroes in Hell series, and author of The Sacred Band series
  • Corruptor is a cleverly crafted tale predicated on the creative idea that virtual reality overtakes the ongoing reality. It begs the question ‘Where is the boundary between virtual reality and harsh reality.’” ~ Bob Boan, scientist and co-author of An Introduction to Planetary Defense: A Study of Modern Warfare Applied to Extra-Terrestrial Invasion
  • “…This richly visual tale, in which any moment could contain your fondest dream—or be the last—is a book that will appeal to many. Mystery readers, science fiction readers, gamers,and everyone who likes a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma will love reading Corruptor.” ~ Stephanie Osborn, author of Burnout

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