A Wild Time in the Old Town This Month(ish)

...or something. I don't know. Wild for me now would have been mild for twenty-something Jason. That guy's a jerk, with all that energy and no bad back or neck. However, there is some exciting news, so I've got that going for me. Twenty-something Jason was an aimless shifter. First, the very first anthology I've … Continue reading A Wild Time in the Old Town This Month(ish)

Top 5 To Start

Not too shabby. Jumping out to a Top 5 place in the hottest new releases in my category. Rookie numbers, though. ROOKIE NUMBERS! I know we can do better. Buy it here. Tell three friends to buy it, and have their three friends buy it as well. #RespectTheHustle

Book Release Day

Today is the release day for THE EXECUTIONERS! Death comes for us all. Enforcers simply expedite the process.The Alpha Contracts was the turning point in modern Human history. Of the one hundred companies who accepted the first mercenary contracts, only four returned. These four—collectively known as the Four Horsemen—would go on to become the largest … Continue reading Book Release Day