In the Land of Confusion (aka Cordovatown)

It's not like I purposefully forget to update the website! I, uh, forgot to update the website... all the same. So what's new in the Land of Cordova? Well, quite a bit is going on around here. Larry Correia and I are going over the final edits of MONSTER HUNTER MEMOIRS: FEVER right now. Yeah, … Continue reading In the Land of Confusion (aka Cordovatown)

Preorder Day — In France!

The Kin Wars have been translated into another language -- this time, we're invading France! (I jest, I jest... Spain doesn't want France. We want Portugal) This means the Kin Wars have now been translated into German and French, besides the original English publication. Counting the Japanese translation for the Kaiju Apocalypse novelettes I co-authored … Continue reading Preorder Day — In France!

FantaSci 2023 AAR — The “It’s Still This Week” Edition

Once again Joel Lyons and crew put on an amazing FantaSci. Thanks to all the volunteers who worked their tails off to make sure this year's FantaSci went off without too many hitches. But before the con started... dinner at The Angus Barn in Raleigh, NC! Joining us was our host, Flight Doc (name protected … Continue reading FantaSci 2023 AAR — The “It’s Still This Week” Edition