The Midjourney Presidents — Part 2

So while playing around with the artificial intelligence Midjourney, I realized that focusing a single painter on all the presidents was, well, a tad boring. So I took a poll amongst a few friends and came up with alternates to be posted at a later date. I actually ran out of hours this month on … Continue reading The Midjourney Presidents — Part 2

Chicks in Tank Tops reviewed at Publishers Weekly

TL;DR edition -- they loved it! Thanks to all the contributors for making this an amazing anthology. Chicks in Tank Tops Edited by Jason Cordova. Baen, $18 trade paper (320p) ISBN 978-1-982192-35-8 Cordova (Kin Wars) effortlessly picks up the tradition of Esther Friesner, who edited the seven previous Chicks in Chainmail anthologies. These 14 stories … Continue reading Chicks in Tank Tops reviewed at Publishers Weekly