Keep Afloat

Today has been a perfect example of why I've kept this website up and running for 13 years now. John Scalzi once said (I'm quoting from memory, so it might not be word for word) -- "Social media platforms come and go... but your website? That'll be around long after." Don't get me wrong. Facebook, … Continue reading Keep Afloat

Cover Reveal (Again)

AND THEN IT GOT WEIRD... from Blood Moon Press, edited by Jamie Ibson. My short story, "THE HAUNTING OF DEEP ELEVEN, is featured within. Due date of October 22, 2021. Get ready for everything from terrifying fantasy to weird and wonderous science fiction, with everything in between. Coming October 22, 2021

Release Day

Yeah, I don't normally see a book release on a Monday, but this is a special case. Today, the Salvage Universe anthology, IT TAKES ALL KINDS, was released into the wild. Created by Kevin Steverson, the first three books (SALVAGE TITLE, SALVAGE FLEET, and SALVAGE SYSTEM) have been optioned for a movie already and is … Continue reading Release Day


I know a lot of people hate on Larry Correia because of his politics, but nobody can state with any honesty that he doesn't understand business. He and Steve Diamond (another accountant... what's up with the accountants taking over writing?) host a weekly podcast called WriterDojo, which is designed to help out those who are … Continue reading WriterDojo

Dog Days

It's tough to write during the dog days of summer. Especially when you're like me and don't function well in the heat. I swear my next house will have central A/C and good insulation. I've been doing a lot of quiet "behind the scenes" stuff when it comes to writing the past few weeks. Primarily, … Continue reading Dog Days