Fantasci 2021 Schedule

I'll be attending Fantasci this coming weekend (May 21-23) in Raleigh-Durham, NC. Here's my panel schedule (note: I'm not entirely sure what all the panels are about, so I'll be winging it on a few -- not that I typically prepare for a panel anyway). Friday 2:00PM -- Jump Shot (w/ Ian J. Malone, Stephen... Continue Reading →

The Sixth Stage — Indifference

They announced the 2021 Hugo Finalists last week. I almost missed the announcement (and considering my friends in the industry, the fact that none of them are really talking about it says more than anything I can). Fortunately for me, I'm pretty much indifferent towards 90% of the awards out there now, so I didn't... Continue Reading →

Exciting Update

(Side note before we begin: why is my title font so emboldened, wordpress? I'm not sure I'm liking your "new and improved" look. Kinda reminds me of the train wreck which Facebook turned in to) This is no April Fools Day joke... or is it? 😀 I've been hinting around at a few Sooper Seekrit... Continue Reading →

An Update, In Repose

Sam Smith (full name -- Samuel Collingwood Smith, but that's a lot to type out...) posted a brilliant takedown of the individual who launched a slanderous, defaming, and fraudulent attack against Toni Weisskopf and Baen Books after the whole kerfuffle went down two weeks ago. You can find that initial article here. It was a... Continue Reading →

Back To Work

Well, now that all the kerfuffle is over and done with (he said with a hint of sarcasm in his voice), we can go back to the things people come to this site for in the first place -- writing. I haven't gotten much creative writing done this past week. Yes, I'm a slacker. I... Continue Reading →

Panel Next Week

Next Thursday, Feb 25 at 8:00PM Eastern, I'll be joining H.P. Holo, Les Johnson and Kacey Ezell for a free panel called "Authors Just Talk About Travel". It should be a lot of fun. The picture below has more information for those who want to watch, ask questions, or just hang out. It'll be my... Continue Reading →

The Object of Representation

Two posts in one day? Oh, you know I'm mad when that happens. The more I look into the ditching of Gina Carano by her talent agency, UTA (henceforth to be called UTI because it's about as useful as one, apparently), the angrier I become. Jeebus. At this rate I'm going to be Bruce Banner... Continue Reading →


I don't get mad easily. I might get irritated, frustrated, and even exasperated, but actual mad? I have a very long, slow fuse and because of this, I don't tend to get mad very often. I tend to get over things pretty easily (mostly -- I have been known to harbor a grudge or two)... Continue Reading →

Toni Weisskopf Interview

Toni Weisskopf (Head Honcho at Baen Books) did a really interesting livestream today at Live From The Bunker podcast. Here's the YouTube link. Good advice about publishing in this interview. Check it out.

Don’t Nominate Me

This is just the annual "Don't Nominate Jason For A Hugo Award" reminder. I can already hear some jackhole in the back cackling "Never intended to, you loser" to which I reply "Thank you." Vote with your wallets and buy more copies of my books. Buy them for your neighbors. Buy them for your cats... Continue Reading →

Layers In A Novel

This whole "staying off social media" thing is working out pretty nicely, for the most part. My productivity has skyrocketed over the past month, with January coming in at a cool 63,000 words written for the month alone. February is already on pace to surpass that mark, even with three fewer days. Granted, I'm not... Continue Reading →

Drifting and Compatibility

The fantasy world is much more preferable, as an author, than the real one. Progress is moving smoothly along for Book 2 of A Cycle of Shadow and Light. An early problem with some timing was easily rectified after Gary and I decided to tackle the issue from a different angle. With that plan in... Continue Reading →

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