Aang vs Korra — The War of the Avatars

I don't watch a lot of TV. I'll pick up a show here and there, but week in and week out commitment? Ugh, no thanks. However, my burgeoning career as an author has allowed me to pretend I have a little gravitas within the industry (I don't, really, but roll with it). I've been watching... Continue Reading →

Cover Reveal and Quick Update

Crossed 120,000 words in the epic fantasy novel today. I'm hoping to wrap it up by next weekend while keeping it under 140,000 words, but I'm not getting my hopes up (about the completion date, not the word count). In the meantime, I have another cover reveal. About a year and a half ago I... Continue Reading →

We Shall Rise Anthology

I'm alive, I swear. I'm nearing the end of the epic fantasy novel and I keep forgetting to update here. Kurt Miller, the cover artist of multiple New York Times bestsellers, was tasked with doing the artwork for the next Black Tide Rising anthology, WE SHALL RISE. My short story, Appalachia Rex, was chosen to... Continue Reading →

Good Versus Evil

One of the really cool things about being a reader as well as a writer is to go back and read those who inspired you when you were younger. To be whisked away to faraway and magical lands of adventure. Of dragons and knights, of the entire escapism which, to me, is what epic fantasy... Continue Reading →

The Unlucky Few

I've been backing away from social media this past week in order to focus on the Epic Fantasy novel and I actually became far more productive. Weird, that. It's almost as if social media is nothing but a time sink. Weird, right? I hit the usual halfway point in regards to word count but I... Continue Reading →

Second Chance Angel Release

My quasi-adoptive (she sort of adopted me, and I didn't say no) sister, Kacey Ezell, had a book come out yesterday with her coauthor Griffin Barber. It's a space opera noir thriller that I can't wait to get into, and is titled SECOND CHANCE ANGEL. It's available at Barnes & Noble, Target, and other booksellers.... Continue Reading →

It Can’t Happen To Us

We forget we're mere mortals more often than not. We think "it can't happen to us" while watching people around us get old, sick, and eventually die. But it can happen to us. It does happen. Men are taught from an early age by society that once you're no longer a young boy, you just... Continue Reading →

Plan On Sticking To The Plan

It's amazing the amount of crap that can happen over the course of two weeks, am I right? First off, the kinda bad news -- CKP has declined to pick up the fifth book in the Kin Wars Saga, WINTERBORN. This isn't entirely unexpected as sales in the series have flagged since the first two.... Continue Reading →

Missed Deadlines

Yeah, I did it again. WINTERBORN hit a bump in the road right near the end and I'm now struggling to wrap up the last little bit of the book. Since I'd given myself a due date of July 31 on this one, it is now 10 days overdue. However, since I'd given myself an... Continue Reading →

Audiophiles Rejoice!

DEATHLORDS is now available on audible! Narrated by Rob Saladino once again (WRAITHKIN, DARKLING), listen to ten hours of pulse-pounding, high-intensity military science fiction with just a splash of espionage tossed in, then topped with the fight to save a family's honor and integrity in the midst of a brewing civil war. DEATHLORDS is available... Continue Reading →

Still #1

Thanks to everyone for helping make DAUGHTER OF THE PRIDE the #1 bestselling book in action and adventure on Amazon! Not only did it reach #1 within hours of being released, it has held down the #1 spot (minus a few hours when my friend Tim C. Taylor's book took it over) since. That is... Continue Reading →

The Quiet Month

"Jason's being quiet... he must be writing." You would assume correctly. I'm on course to complete WINTERBORN before the end of the month. It'll go to the Mega Awesome Beta Force group to be torn apart and put back together to make sure continuity is solid still. I lose track of things. Everybody does. But... Continue Reading →

Deifying the Flawed Man

Cancel culture is rampant throughout the world right now as we know it. If a person isn't 100% in line with the "flavor of the week" cause they are ruthlessly culled from the ranks of the "good" and instantly cast as wicked, evil, and on the "wrong side of history". That last phrase is one... Continue Reading →

#LionWatch Contest

Coming July 10, 2020 from Seventh Seal Press I meant to post this a few days ago but I decided to hold off until today because we're just over 30 days away from the release of "DAUGHTER OF THE PRIDE" (July 10), the followup novel to the 2019 Dragon Award Finalist "SONS OF THE LION".... Continue Reading →

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