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Cover Reveal!

The next anthology I’ll be featured in, and the third anthology in the 4 Horsemen Universe. The boys from Liberia are back in action as the Kakata Korps are tasked with a dangerous mission. What happens next can save a people — or destroy them completely!

Coming late 2017!



World of Tanks and Me

Way back when they had different servers on World of Tanks, an East and a West. The East server was very popular and hosted anywhere from 20k-25k players per night, while the West was a little more sparsely populated, perhaps 6k-10k. It was good, if a little broken on quality of matches. You wanted competitive matches, you played East. You want to stat pad, go West young lad.

Then a new patch came out and suddenly the East server was bogged down with micro lag spikes. It did not matter where you were located in relation to the server, you suffered from micro spikes. This was probably due to packet dumps that occurred in-game (theory, not proven) but nonetheless it created an environment in the game that effectively neutered the quick-reactions needed for scout players. Instead of constantly moving to keep arty and bigger tanks from destroying you, a scout now had to rely on passive scouting only. It took aggressive scout players (hi! like me!!!) out of the game. It did not affect the heavy tanks and tank destroyers as much, and it did nothing to arty players sky cancer, but scouts and mediums almost became unplayable. I quit the game for about 3 months at this point.

Then one day I stumbled upon the fact that the West server did not suffer from the weird micro spikes. Even though I’m on the East Coast the ping rate was better tapping into the West server than it was in the East. World of Tanks became playable again and I was happy.

Then Wargaming decided, in its infinite wisdom (i.e., stupidity) to combine the West and East server into a single Central server. Irritated, I continued to play, though I knew that one day the micro spikes would return.

The new server worked well, however, though my ping rate went from a happy 30-35 to a solid 100. I was able to continue playing, but I noticed that a lot of the random matchmaking was hardcore borked. One team would be heavily stacked and the other be the “leftovers”. Nonetheless, while my Win Rate dropped, my Wn8 (personal statistical counter) continued to rise. I tolerated it, even though I constantly was the best player on a team full of window lickers.

This morning, Wargaming released Patch 9.20.1. I usually play World of Tanks in the morning before I begin to write, so I figured I would check it out before I finished Devastator. I played a match in the T28, my super-slow TD that is a hard camper, and didn’t notice any micro spikes. So I played a game in the T21, which I am arguably one of the best players in the game in this tank. Immediately I noticed that there was a massive amount of lag spikes and micro spikes, all of which led to me getting derped when I pretty much teleported out into the open and parked in front of an enemy KV-2.

I know that every player of the game just collectively winced and muttered “poor bastard”.

One derp shot later and I was turning off the game. Once more I am quitting World of Tanks until this micro spike issue is resolved. I’ve hung with the game for about 6 years now, played it professionally for a full year at one point, but I can’t play a game that bogs down like this. I’m going to quit the clan I’m in right now to create space for new players and will not touch the game until they release a micropatch to fix the lag spikes.

I try not to be too demanding, but when you invest as much time, effort, and money into something as I have, you expect a reasonable return on your investment and not a middle finger. Hell, we built a desktop gaming PC just for this game for competitive purposes!

Since they neutered the game once more, I guess it’s time to go back to Cities: Skylines and build crap until they fix it. The only problem with that is C:S is a time suck, unlike World of Tanks.

Fix the problem, Wargaming, and quit fucking with the game.

Deep In A Project

I’ve been quiet lately on all forms of social media, which means I’ve been buried in a book that is on a deadline. Fortunately, I was looking it over today and saw that I shall indeed make this deadline (by four days, no less) and can then turn my full and undivided attention onto the other one. Then… books 3 and 4 of The Warp, and then Book 3 of the Kin Wars Saga.

My publisher keeps me busy.

Quick Update

So when Corruptor went live last Friday, I neglected to mention that there is new content within as well as a new ending. The print book also went from 300 pages to 450. Yeah, that’s a bit of a jump. Best of all, the novel (and series) was reclassified as YA, which is what it had been written as originally before I changed it for the original publisher.

Pick up a copy and leave a review. You’ll make an author happy.


Corruptor – Book 1 of The Warp

Book Release Day!

So today Corruptor (Book 1 of The Warp) went live for a second time and is available for purchase. It has entirely new content within as well as a new cover on the outside. The print version is over 450 pages!!!


Corruptor – Published Sept 8, 2017

Secondly, I’m giving away the novella The Dead of Babylon from now until Monday. It’s alt-history with a dash of horror. I enjoyed writing it and might one day revisit the idea.

In the meantime, don’t forget to leave reviews!

Epic Week Is Epic

This week is going to be epic.

Tomorrow the Forged in Blood anthology will be released. In it is my short story, Magnum Opus, and it tells the story of Rowan Moran, an Operative in the Freehold MIlitary Forces. This is a Freehold anthology, which means it’s going to have awesome stories by Michael Z Williamson and Larry Correia to name a few.

Then on Friday the re-release of Corruptor happens. I’m extremely excited about this one because this time it’s going to be a series. This is the first novel I ever wrote and even though it’s been 12 years since completion I still get excited thinking about it.

Downside to all this? I cracked a rib and bruised my kidney last week and it still hurts. Oh well. Ibuprofen and water for the next 20 days until it stops hurting.

Cover Reveal

Awww yeah, it’s that time once again to reveal the latest book cover. This is Darkling, the sequel to Wraithkin, and Book 2 of the Kin Wars Saga.


The Reviews That Feed

I was talking with a few friends the other day about how I’ve been stuck at 45 reviews for Wraithkin. They’ve all been positive reviews (4.7 out of 5 stars) so I can’t complain, but I was reminded about my promise that if I got 50 reviews I’d barbecue a unicorn.

That got me to thinking… unicorn’s aren’t real, so what would I eat? I thought about what ancients believed were unicorns a few thousand years ago but remembered that rhinoceros are an endangered species, so that’s out. Then I thought “Well, horses are sorta related” but then realized that I did not want to be single, since eating a horse would most definitely cause my girlfriend to break up with me.

So I started positing other options. Dog? Well, dogs are good and loyal animals, and during the Dark Days they will not only be great companions but also first-warning alarm systems for when the zombies attack your compound. No, gotta save the dogs. Besides, Odin, for all his annoyances, is a really good dog. He might get upset at the idea that daddy is eating his cousins.

Cats? Cats are terrific vermin control, so no, no cats. I love my cats. They have helped me write thirty books over the past ten years. No, cats are good critters to have around. Can’t eat a cat then.

Suddenly I realized that I was having a Stannis Baratheon conversation with myself. All because I want to hit 50 reviews on Amazon.


God… rats? I’ve had rat. Nothing special there, maybe a little gamey. Worse than venison but still worlds better than sloth. Anything is better than sloth.

So… we get 50 reviews for Wraithkin and I’m back to barbecuing unicorns. Can we do it?

That Old Timey Religion

Yesterday while at church I had a strange thought about religion…

One thing that has always bugged me about organized religion (i.e., going to a church) is the strict limitations the church seems to impose upon your belief and your relationship with God. I was raised Roman Catholic and all my Masses were in either Latin or Spanish (living in Southern California during your formative years will make you bilingual even if you don’t want to) and it always felt too “strict” in terms of a healthy relationship in your worship. What I mean by this is that people oftentimes put a limit on just how you can go about worshiping God.

Let me explain.

Our pastor (good guy, always up for a spiritual debate, and is very accommodating for my random bursts of insanity :D)  was preparing for church yesterday and one of the leaders (I should know what they’re called but I can’t think of the name off the top of my head) was asking us to let Jesus into our hearts before the service began. I got to thinking about that and wondering just how in the Hell they believe that we have the power to not let God into our hearts. Then the idea of limitations came to mind and while the pastor was talking about Joseph and the trials of life, my mind was off to the races.

Now, I know I’m not the easiest Christian to deal with (that’s gotta be the understatement of the year) since I ask questions about everything. I also would admit that I can be trying to anyone’s patience. All those warning labels aside, even I know that humanity tends to impart its own mental limitations and biases on God. It’s almost like we can’t accept God as God and we have to mold and shape Him, that we are unable to simply bask in a love that even we can’t fathom how deep it is. So we make restrictions and limitations, require people to let an all-powerful deity into our lives when He’s already there.

I’m a trained historian (I hate that phrase but it’s the only want I can say “I went to school and learned lots of historical stuff so I know what I’m talking about” without sounding too snotty) so I know just when and how the bible was written. I also know that fellow “trained historians” removed pieces of the bible to fit their own narrative bias of the time. Some even changed the meaning of the Greek words to fit something else (hence “Thou Shalt Not Suffer A With To Live” causing the freaking Salem Witch trials) which has caused a few hundred years of grief. Again, human biases and nature in action.

I got into a huge argument once with my girlfriend awhile back about whether or not people of the Jewish faith would get into heaven or not. She insisted that they wouldn’t and I got a little upset, so I started lobbing in some cheap shots. I asked if a Jew lived a blameless life and worshiped God, then how could they not be allowed into heaven? Even an atheist, if they lived a life without traditional sin, should be able to gain entrance into heaven. I mean, if Bertha Better Than You can get into heaven, why can’t the atheist who lived without sin?

This is where mankind’s own sense of limitations comes into play. I feel that since God is all-powerful, then it shouldn’t matter what people choose to worship so long as it leads to living in a manner much like Christ. Think about it. If an atheist, a Jew, a Muslim, or a Hindu all live lives where they help the poor, treat their fellow man and woman as an equal, and love all, then why does it matter whether or not they’ve “opened their hearts to Jesus”? Their actions alone show that they are being Christ-like, which is something we all should strive for.

Human limitations. That’s where religious hangups all come into play. Our own misconceptions and personal beliefs warp what God truly is. At lunch yesterday my girlfriend mentioned that what we see in the power of God is just a sliver. I actually agreed with that because humans, at the most basest of levels, need limitations in order to even begin to wrap our brains around anything. If a pastor, imam, rabbi, or priest all catch a bare glimpse of the true power of God, their own biases and understandings will temper and shape that word into something that they can understand. This can be good and bad, but either way it’s still a limitation.

I think once we as a people quit throwing our own preconceived notions onto God we can truly begin living in a manner that we’re supposed to, which is to love and cherish one another and strive forward to better ourselves without condemning anyone else. If we are to survive as a species then this has to happen. If we can’t, then perhaps at least we can try not to blame others for mistakes of our own. Perhaps then we can take baby steps towards becoming the humans we were meant to become.

Everyone should be able to agree with that.

Writing Frantically

Over the last three days I’ve had free to write I’ve added 32,500 words. If I can do that all the time I can put out about one book every two weeks. I mentioned this to one of my publishers and he said “So do it.”

It’s like he wants me to go all hermitwriter on people…

There isn’t a lot to talk about on the writing front. Both Darkling and Devastator are coming along nicely. If I can keep the pace up, Devastator will be done by the end of the month, with Darkling completed by mid-September. Then I can crush the next two The Warp books out in rapid succession, then focus on the final Kin Wars SagaDeathlords.

Yeah, everything is going according to plan…

School starts back up tomorrow at work. I’m actually kind of excited about it. A lot of our boys are playing football this year, which meant that we don’t have a fall soccer team. That’s okay, because it just means that our spring soccer team will be top-notch. One of our boys actually made the All-District Second Team last year as a freshman. That’s pretty good considering the kid had only started playing soccer a year or two before.

I’m also finishing up our basketball schedule for the upcoming season. I’m really looking forward to watching my star forward crack 1,000 points for his career. Three years as a varsity starter on the hill is rare, so to see him do it is kind of awe-inspiring. He also could break 1,000 career rebounds as well, but that would take some major 20+ rebound games. Still, it’s mathematically possible.

Wally is doing well, though with the decline of his kidney functions he probably won’t live as long as the other cats. Still, he’s a happy kitty who seems to be not bothered by his illness, so I’ll keep him fed and happy until it’s time.

Other than that, not much going on around Casa Cordova.