The Accidental Lecture

I sent off Homeworld: Rockfall to my coauthor Eric Brown yesterday afternoon. The first draft is done (yeah, I was slacking) and though it "only" took about 5 weeks to write, that was a rough five weeks. While the book itself isn't the longest thing I've ever written (I'm looking at you, Corruptor) it is, by far,... Continue Reading →


Hey, someone felt sorry for me and went ahead and let my muse speak. Scary, right? Well, here's the link. Also, writing. I'll be around for a real update soon.

Larry Correia Interview

Jason: Let's say we met at a convention and I wanted to get you a beer for writing such a kick-ass novel in Monster Hunter International. How do I pronounce your name? Is it like the country? Larry Correia: Yep. Just say Korea. Once my family hit Ellis Island you no longer had to roll the Rs. That’s why I get to say Sonya Soto-Meyer. None of that Sotomeeeyyooooooorrr crap for me.

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