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Finished and Other News

Two things…

First off, Darkling is finished! It’s now off and in the hands of the Super Mega Awesome Beta Force Crew for dissemination and assassination. Book 2 of the Kin Wars Saga had a ton of heartache, loyalty, and betrayal. Let the song of victory play!


Secondly, my article about the current kerfuffle within the Worldcon has gone live over at the Mad Genius Club. Go take a gander and see just why they would seek to remove one of the more prominent Hispanic science fiction writers out there from their attending guests, and see just what I think of this (hint: I’m not a fan of their decision).


The Man Who Sold the World

I’m feeling very melancholy today. I shall treat you to some Nirvana now and go on my way.

Monster Hunter Ballad

Someone decided to write and sing the “Monster Hunter Ballad” for Larry Correia‘s novels, Monster Hunter International and Monster Hunter Vendetta. The performer is Gray Rinehart, one of Baen Books editors.

Whoopsies… Uh, Free Books!

Had a moment of panic last night while i was hashing out some minor details for Wraithkin (did you know that when an object orbits around the sun it’s called a heliocentric orbit? I didn’t know that…) when my Pandora station warned me that I was about all out of music for the month. You see, it gives you 40 hours a month free, and then after that you either pay $0.99 for the rest of the month or $36.00 for the entire year. That’s not bad until you remember that you’re paying for something you can get for free via your radio station.

Now, if you’re listening to hard metal, you generally can’t find that one your local radio station. Heck, the only time I hear “Enter Sandman” by Metallica is when SteveFM is preparing to broadcast a Hokies game (yes, Virginia Tech comes out to “Enter Sandman”. It’s why I adopted them as my second school, and am trying to figure out a way to implement the “chirp” from Ball State into their chants), or very rarely on one of the classic rock stations.

But this isn’t a music post. Well, not really. I was thinking of what Sarah Hoyt‘s been doing down at her little corner of the web and realized that, outside of the first six chapters of Corruptor and the almost complete The Absolute True Story of Santa Claus, I didn’t really have any samples of my work. Part of that is my utter suckage at writing short stories (as evidenced by TATSSC), and part of it is that I really don’t know what to write. Should I put up some newly created short stories? Or perhaps I should post snippets of something? I should I post a link to a bunch of free books so you can read them all in your spare time?

I like the first option, the second… not so much. But the third, the third I believe is a winner. So here’s a link to Baen’s Free Library.

Yep, free. No email registration required, no DRM locking you from sharing them with your friends. Go and read. I’ll see you next month, after you’ve worked your way through their free library.

Musically Entropic Clown

Music today makes me giggle.

I actually listen to some of the lyrics of today’s pop hits because when I’m taking Peggey and Scott’s kids to school, it’s what they want to listen to. So I’ll listen to the latest music and the lyrics and I really can’t help but laugh. There’s no subtlety and, as a writer, that’s one of the keys to being a good fiction writer.

I mean, when you open up a song with “It’s Mister Steal Yo Girl”, the first thing that comes to my mind for the next verse is “I’m in da hospital” because I can just imagine how many time he probably got his ass kicked after stealing his “friends” girls. Plus, since when do you just walk up to a girl and say “Hey girl”? You do that to any woman with more than half of a mind and she’s going to turn and say “who’re you calling a girl? I’m a woman!” Though I did appreciate the double entendre of “Bottom’s up!” in the song. Naturally, the guy is from Virginia. *sigh*

Then there’s Ke$ha,who goes on about how she’s going to kick all the boys to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger. Now, I don’t know about you, but Mick Jagger isn’t what I would call remotely attractive. Forty years ago Mick Jagger wasn’t attractive, and the years of hard rock, drugs and alcohol have not been kind to the man. If she only wants a guy who looks like that, one part of me screams “Daddy issues!” while the other says “necrophilia!!!”. I’m not sure, quite honestly, which disturbs me more.

But not all of it’s bad. Bruno Mars has some creative music and he can sing, compared to others who try to claim the same. He’s smooth, he’s talented and so long as he stays true to himself (i.e., stay away from producer Rick Rubin, the man who neutered the Beastie Boys and took Linkin Park from screaming emo metal to… emo. Lame, Rick Rubin… very lame) he’ll be around for a long time.

Of course, anytime a Katy Perry song comes on, I hear two voices in the back seat singing along. And Lady Gaga, who entertains me to no end. But I do wish Jamie Foxx would go back to doing what he does best – comedic acting. Oh, come on, don’t look at me like that. You know he got his start on In Living Color, right? You know, the show that made Jim Carrey famous? He was FUNNY.

Wow, I’m babbling today. Totally random… please, go about your normal day. Have a good one.