Monster Hunter Ballad

Someone decided to write and sing the "Monster Hunter Ballad" for Larry Correia's novels, Monster Hunter International and Monster Hunter Vendetta. The performer is Gray Rinehart, one of Baen Books editors.

Whoopsies… Uh, Free Books!

Had a moment of panic last night while i was hashing out some minor details for Wraithkin (did you know that when an object orbits around the sun it's called a heliocentric orbit? I didn't know that...) when my Pandora station warned me that I was about all out of music for the month. You... Continue Reading →

Musically Entropic Clown

Music today makes me giggle. I actually listen to some of the lyrics of today's pop hits because when I'm taking Peggey and Scott's kids to school, it's what they want to listen to. So I'll listen to the latest music and the lyrics and I really can't help but laugh. There's no subtlety and,... Continue Reading →

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