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Release Day

Yeah, I don’t normally see a book release on a Monday, but this is a special case. Today, the Salvage Universe anthology, IT TAKES ALL KINDS, was released into the wild. Created by Kevin Steverson, the first three books (SALVAGE TITLE, SALVAGE FLEET, and SALVAGE SYSTEM) have been optioned for a movie already and is already generating buzz.

Here’s a list of all the authors involved.

  • Kevin Steverson
  • William Webb
  • Alex Rath
  • Quincy J. Allen
  • Marisa Wolf
  • Chris Woods
  • Rob Howell
  • Ian Malone
  • Tim C. Taylor
  • Melissa Olthoff
  • Mark Stallings
  • Robert E. Hampson
  • Jason Cordova
  • Benjamin Tyler Smith

It’s my first foray into the Salvage Universe and I had a lot of fun writing my story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Pick up a copy today.

Blog Update

Release Updates

The release date was bumped up for “IT TAKES ALL KINDS“, an anthology set in Kevin Steverson’s Salvage Universe. It’s now coming out on September 13. I’ll have a link up once it goes live. I have a short story in this titled “A Most Dangerous Game.” Fun little short story of “who’s the best killer?”

I should have my panel schedule for Wyvacon up by Monday. I don’t know precisely what they are just yet, but I do know I’ll be on three panels Saturday and three on Sunday, plus my judging the Cards Against Humanity game on Saturday night. Between those times I’ll be around slinging books for those who want to buy them. I’ll also have a few challenge coins with me for sale as well.

Wyvacon will also be my final convention of 2021. Usually Dragoncon is my last but due to the unnamed virus of unspecified origins Wyvacon was bumped back to September. Hey, fine by me. Cooler weather is always best.

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More Of This

Two great things for today.

First, FREEHOLD: RESISTANCE is out in the wild. Barnes & Noble called and told me they had copies in the store, which I’d asked for (I like to stealth sign books). I think Friday I’m going into Roanoke to sign all the copies at both B&N stores. Assuming they still have any, that is.

This book can be read without reading any of the other books in the Freehold Universe, which the editor (Michael Z. Williamson) has done by design. In this one you’ll find Larry Correia, Kacey Ezell, Michael Z. Williamson, Mike Massa, Brad Torgerson… it’s a laundry list of the brightest and best authors out there right now, in my opinion. I’m really eager to see the reception for this one.

Second, we decided on a cover graphic and design (as well as a new title) for my first baby kaiju book. A CHRISTMAS SURPRISE looks snazzy as all get out with the title and my name on it. We’re hoping to have it ready to go soon. This is the first time I’ve worked with Mottfolio Design in this capacity and I must say, so far I’ve had nothing but positive experiences. Gotta recommend them for anyone looking for cover art and design.

I had a long rant ready to go about this season of WATCHMEN on HBO but quite frankly, I’m bored with it. I might post it later this week but spoilers will abound, as well as my obvious disgust. Now I’m just waiting for the newest season of THE EXPANSE to come out. That’s a show worth watching.

Also, THE MANDALORIAN? Yes, more of this, and keep Rian Johnson away from it. Use a shock collar if you need to, Disney, but keep him away.

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And Yet Another Cover Reveal

2019 is turning into the Year of the Cover Reveal, evidentially.

Not only is HOMEGUARD (Kin Wars Saga #4) coming out tomorrow, but today I get to reveal the cover of the next FREEHOLD anthology I’m in. Edited by Michael Z. Williamson once more, it’s due out December 3, 2019. Here she is:

$16.00 on Amazon

What a beaut, as Steve Irwin would have said. The names on that cover alone should guarantee that it sells well. It’s already up for pre-order on Amazon, so there’s no delay.

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New Book Cover Announcement

New anthology coming this fall that my story is featured in.

This is your warning. Prepare for the Sha’Daa, for it is coming…

Edit: the first one was not the right one. Oops.