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BCS Buster

So… who thinks that there’s going to be an SEC vs SEC BCS title game this year?

If you think that, let me break it down for you as two why that won’t happen.

Four words: PAC-12 Commissioner Larry Scott.

This man, who took the PAC-10 from near irrelevance (remember when it was USC and the PAC-9?) to possibly the second ranked conference in the nation, will not allow an unbeaten Stanford team to miss out on the BCS title game. He holds a lot of sway and, barring some Rose Bowl snafu (Stanford will probably be the PAC-12 champion, then it’ll probably be Oregon in the Rose Bowl… except that they will not have that automatic BCS berth because Boise State will, more than likely, be undefeated), there is little doubt that an undefeated Stanford will settle for a Rose Bowl berth this year. Hell, the TV execs are already drooling at an Auburn or LSU defense against the Luck-led Stanford smash mouth offense. And bowl games are all about the money. Screw tradition.

Next, you think that a one loss LSU or Alabama playing what would essentially be a rematch wouldn’t cause more people to doubt the credibility of the BCS? Think of the legal ramifications of screwing over an undefeated Oklahoma State, Boise State or Stanford would cause. These are big money games for these schools and while the other BCS games are worth millions as well, there’s a difference between 10 and 20 million dollars. A big difference.

I can see the anti-trust suit and RICO lawsuits coming a mile away. The BCS would collapse. You think politicians have anything better to do? Think about what Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) threatened to do if Kentucky congressman Mitch McConnell (R-KY) went ahead and tried to use congressional clout to block West Virginia University from bailing on the Big East to join the Big 12. Now think about just how much uglier it would become if one of the aforementioned universities are unbeaten and get passed over for a one loss team from the SEC.

I would love to be in the room full of BCS officials when the FBI kicks their door in and serves them with search warrants… well, maybe a fly on the wall. Not in the room. That would be bad for me.

Yes, I know that I’ve been writing less about… writing this week and more about what’s going on in the world. I just wanted to show you that I don’t have my head in the sand and pay attention to what’s going on around me.

…Justin Bieber cut his hair? No sh*t? Huh… oh, nope, wait. He just changed his part.