Too Stubborn

Air! I can breathe! In all seriousness, it feels like I've been drowning in my writing the past few months. Ever since Eric and I wrapped up Kaiju Apocalypse III, it seems like my head has been underwater when it comes to writing. I may have burned myself out a bit (writing 4 books in 4... Continue Reading →

New Book Out

Had a book come out last week and forgot to mention it. My first Tobias Fox short story, "Nightwalker", is the very first story in John Manning's Terror By Gaslight anthology. I'll be the first to admit that Tobias Fox stories are less about horror and more about an extraordinary man dealing with said horrors. Good story with... Continue Reading →

A Good Thing

It's very strange to forget that you have a website. But since this past week I've been elbow deep in Murder World: Kaiju Dusk as well as my untitled piece for editor John Manning, combined with my article over at the Mad Genius Club, I'll just shrug my shoulders and say "I'm busy!" It's a good thing, really.... Continue Reading →

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