So far, only a few people have signed up for the contest and purchased a copy of Murder World: Kaiju Dawn. I mean, if you look at MW:KD, what's there not to love? Bad ass women, big brawny men, massive Kaiju, nuclear explosions, science, spaceships, mercenaries, psychos, and did I mention the bad ass women? Ah... Continue Reading →

Just A Quick October Update

So I, uh, got a dog this weekend. Don't look at me like that! Nobody said a writer couldn't own cats and dogs! Anyway, her name is Sophie and I got her from the Roanoke Valley SPCA. She's a hound/German Shepard mix and a gorgeous red color. 3 1/2 years old, housebroken, trained, big, lazy, friendly dog... Continue Reading →

The Accidental Lecture

I sent off Homeworld: Rockfall to my coauthor Eric Brown yesterday afternoon. The first draft is done (yeah, I was slacking) and though it "only" took about 5 weeks to write, that was a rough five weeks. While the book itself isn't the longest thing I've ever written (I'm looking at you, Corruptor) it is, by far,... Continue Reading →

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