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Trolling For Love

I made a huge mistake today. I got sucked back into Wikipedia.

There’s just something amazingly addictive about updating wiki pages while adding information, updating, and even deleting irrelevant material. It’s not as though I have nothing else to do (he writes as he stares at the open word document which has been mocking him for three days). But there’s just this… sense of accomplishment? I don’t know. It could be why a lot of wiki editors are fascist thugs when editing. They don’t like being told they’re wrong. Or they just enjoy being trollish.

Don’t forget that at the end of this month, Dreamers in Hell comes out. If you haven’t already, you should probably pick up Lawyers in Hell (which I’m in) and Rogues in Hell (which I’m not in) for some back story. Naturally, the books don’t necessarily “need” one another, but being able to follow serial stories like Janet Morris’ Eshi epic (I don’t know what else to call it) really makes a difference when reading the books as the series. Plus, you get other serial characters as well.

Let’s see… have you bought Michael Z. Williamson’s latest work, Tour of Duty, yet? It’s a short story collection (“anthology!” the sheep bleat in the distance) and it’s available now. Larry Correia has Warbound coming out in August. I’ve read it and it is an amazing finish to the Grimnoir Chronicles. I’ll have my copy of MHI for him to sign at LC26 this month, since this copy is #10 I’ve had to buy (people borrowing the book and not giving it back). I figured “Buy 10, get an autograph for free” or something.

Counting down until Mental Ward: Echoes of the Past is released. Gotta love all these books coming out.

Oh, I also am writing the following stories as we speak (type? converse digitally? technology is making idioms weird):

  • Blighted 
  • Most Faithful
  • No Time For Love
  • Pillars
  • Sacred Hunt
  • The Messenger

Those should keep me busy for the next few months. If not, I can always finish Wraithkin, edit some Christian Cole, or pound out Unholy Vengeance.


They’re Makin’ Me Famous

A really cool review of Lawyers in Hell over at the Otherwhere Gazette. Enjoy!


Someone asked me yesterday “What is Pottermore”? To which I replied “Potter-what?

It’s amazing that, as people are predicting the death of print books and such, one person can come along and change the entire game once more. J.K. Rowling didn’t announce anything, just simply created a website called “Pottermore” with the words “Coming Soon” below it. That is all. And yet, everywhere I look the web is absolutely buzzing about it. So naturally I checked out MuggleNet, which is pretty much the unofficial official “All Things Potter”, and they don’t have a clue, though a lot of speculation abounds.

Me? Two possibilities.

First: all that slasherfic that people have written has finally hit the mainstream and Rowling has decided to cash in on it. Highly unlikely, but then again, ten years ago would you have predicted a Harry Potter theme park?

Secondly: a new book involving either deleted material from Rowling’s previous volumes or (I’m hoping here) the continuing saga of Harry and Ginny’s three boys as they start their Hogwarts adventures. Because though the greatest dark wizard ever has been defeated (spoiler alert — Snape’s just an ass and not a true villain),  there is still evil in the world (something Rowling has harped on throughout the series). Plus, could you imagine if Dudley’s kid was a wizard? That’d be for an interesting story arc.

Of course, this is all speculation, but it hasn’t stopped anybody apparently. I seriously hope that one day a book release of mine can generate a quarter of the buzz. Though it may not happen right now, I can still generate a little buzz about the impending release of Lawyers in Hell. I’m starting to feel that familiar tingling sensation as the release draws nigh. Amazon says it is ready for shipping, though the original release date wasn’t scheduled until mid-July: however, IT IS HERE!

Go buy. I’ll sign. Everyone’s happy.

Except for that guy in Duluth, Minnesota, who is still annoyed that Rowling hasn’t contacted him regarding his Snape/Dumbledore/Percy Jackson slashfic…