More Thoughts On Marketing

My publisher sent me the electronic Advance Reader’s Copy (henceforth known as e-ARC) of my book Corruptor the other day and asked me to find some people to review it. Without thinking I agreed and started searching for potential book reviewers who might be willing to look at a .pdf form of the yet-to-be-released book. It was only later, while munching on chocolate covered raisins that I realized I had made a tactical and costly error.

As someone once told me (I forget who, it’s been that long), it’s not the author’s responsibility to be solely in charge of the advertising of the author’s book. Yes, it helps when the author is actively trying to promote his (or her) book. But in the end, it’s the publishing company’s responsibility to find the reviewers who will either help generate buzz about your book or sink it. Because in the end, the reviewers are leery about reading and reviewing a book that doesn’t have any sort of “credibility” attached to a pdf, especially in e-ARC form.

So… where does that leave the e-book industry if people don’t want to review your books? Up a creek, unless you’re a big name. If not, then your book better be good.

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