Fan Boy Moment

I have a confession to make here, in public, in front of the millions who surf the web (and you unfortunate dozen who visit here regularly).

I went fan boy on an author once. What do I mean, “went fan boy”? Good question. Have a seat and I’ll share my shame.

I was at Libertycon back in July of 2007, attending as a guest (I had just gotten the contract for Corruptor and was going to talk about young authors and breaking into an industry where everyone seems to be old and retired… but I digress) and I found out who the Literary Guest of Honor was going to be. When I saw his name, I think I let loose a very girlish squeal. Very girlish, one that would have had me beaten and emasculated by some of my manlier friends.

Now, to give a little back story here, this author’s science fiction series was the first SF series I ever read. He’s a huge household name, though I didn’t know him for the series which everybody else knew him for. No, I had become a fan (and later, SF writer) after reading his Conqueror series. That author? Timothy Zahn.

Well, poor Mr. Zahn was sitting behind the table after opening ceremonies (I had been in the back of the room with Doc Travis, drinking a beer) and I approached him cautiously. I didn’t want to frighten him, for a very bouncy, happy large man is something that would scare the hell out of anyone. Especially one with dyed orange hair done up in spikes.

So I impatiently wait my turn and I finally get to meet the man who got me into SF. Palms sweaty, I offered him a greasy one, which to his credit he took and didn’t make a disgusted face at me upon touching my skin. I smiled and mentioned that I loved his Conqueror’s series, which he appreciated it. Then I went and totally boggled everything.

“Mr. Zahn,” I gushed happily. “I just wanted to tell you… thanks for writing those books. I’ve read them a dozen times and those books are the reason I wanted to put my ideas and thoughts down on paper and if you ever need anyone killed…”

I sort of lost it at that point. The rest of the subject matter is, well, subjective.

Again, Zahn was a credit to nerds everywhere and thanked me for the support. He didn’t back away fearfully (I would have), and he even offered to sign my books. Only problem was, I had left them back in Denver. Stupid, stupid Jason…

So… despite your misgivings, have you ever gone fan boy on someone?

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