Quick Update

I will have a new interview up sometime in the following week. I think military SF fans will be immensely pleased with who it is.

Celebrated my 32nd birthday yesterday with friends and family. Basically went out to eat and then to rehearsals, where I managed to talk the chorus of My Fair Lady from singing me “Happy Birthday”. Phew.

That would have been embarrassing. Like that time at Libertycon when I ended up in the hospital. Yeah. Don’t ask.

One last item of note. Wish my friend Barb luck, since she recently had a good turn of fortune come her way at last. Barb, I promise to get to your new story ASAP. Really. Promise.

One thought on “Quick Update

  1. Thank you, Jason. We’ll see if the next three agents give me the time of day; it was good to get nice commentary, and at least it validates _enough_ that it’s worth continuing to pursue my (and my late husband’s) dream.

    Granted, I’d do it anyway — but a little kindness every now and again is never amiss. 😉

    I’m starting to think “Keisha’s Vow” is more salable (it’s only 1/3 done, so I haven’t shown that much to anyone outside of the writer’s group — though if you want to see it, ask and I’ll be sure to send it!), and of course Michael’s novels (milSF, where I am adding action to make it more salable if possible as Michael’s worldbuilding was excellent) are also possibilities. I would much rather have Michael alive, and not just to finish his own novels, thank you 😉 — but I’m glad I haven’t given up on any of it. (No matter how slow the progress is at times.)

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