Monster Hunter Vendetta… I Read It, Have You?

I… got my hands on the e-ARC of Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter Vendetta and, unfortunately for me, I can’t review it yet because it would give away too much. It’s a great read, though. Go buy the damned thing so that Baen will give him more money to wrote more books.

See, life is cyclic.

Addendum: I can say that Larry, because of you, little children will no longer look at David the Gnome in the same light ever again. You officially killed my one happy childhood memory. That single, lonely spark of joy in my dark and harrowing youth. That innocent and carefree memory. That glorious moment when I was able to sing along to a song with love in my heart and tears of happiness in my eye. Where I could always find David… the Gnome.

Thanks a lot, ass. 😉

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