Modderpockin’ Muse

In the immortal words of a fictional character only hardcore MilSF geeks would get, my muse is a “modderpocker”.

I swear that this isn’t fair. I am done with Corruptor and the sequels. I never want to see those damn books again in my life. Really. Okay, I might want to see the cover but I definitely don’t want to read them again. They were a pain in the butt to get out of my head, and since I no longer have any desire to work in that universe I really bid thee adieu.

But I was lying in bed, sicker than a dying dog, and my muse slaps me across the face and says “I know how to sell Vindicator to Lida.”

You see, Lida is my publisher at Twilight Times Books. She has exclusive first-rights to any book in the Crisis Universe, as per our contract. So whenever I write a short story or book in that universe, she gets first dibs. Now, she rejected the original Vindicator back in 2008, which is fine with me. I was going to send it elsewhere but, upon review, realized that not many publishers would want to put out the sequel of a book belonging to a separate publisher. So I held back Vindicator (named Violator originally) and thought about rewrites. Then I thought some more.

Then I shelved the whole damn project to focus on cooler projects, like Christian Cole and Wraithkin. You see, I’m a practical man sometimes. I know when a project is dead.

Well, the Crisis universe is now a modern day Frankenstein. Thanks Shelley.

Actually, thanks Mary Wollstonecraft. You really created a monster there, didn’t ya?

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