Word Crack Anonymous

“Hi, my name is Jason and I peddle word crack.”

Hi Jason.

“It all started about nine years ago, when I was just a wee young man of 23. My service in the military was done and I was in the midst of attending school. I didn’t mean to, really. I just wanted to get these voices out of my head. The meds… just didn’t work anymore.”

Go on, Jason. Tell us what you did.

“These voices… they weren’t me, y’know? They were like me, but not me. I could hear their voices and occasionally, see their faces. It was terrifying. It was dangerous. It… thrilled me. The danger was a rush.”

So what did you do, Jason?

“I started by writing a few short stories down. Nothing big, just enough to get rid of the voices. But they kept coming back, stranger and stronger by the day. I would write more, and they would invade my sleep. I would talk to people and refer to my characters as real people, confusing my friends and family. Everyone shunned me. Everyone was afraid of me, because they knew deep down that I was a word crack dealer in the making. I felt dirty, but I couldn’t stop. I was addicted to the word crack as much as a regular user. The things… the things I did to create the word crack made me ashamed.”

…and now?

“Now I’m at peace with myself. I know that no matter what I do or create, there will always be someone else ready with their own ready supply of word crack. I cannot control other people’s reactions or needs for the word crack, just my own distribution of it. I no longer need to feel guilty about peddling some to a kid just getting started in high school, or to the mother of four who is bored on Tuesdays. I am a free man, you hear? Free! Hahahaha!”

Thank you for sharing, Jason. Now, would anyone else like to share?

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