Jason’s Being Lazy Today

Hey, we all have those days. Mine just come in bunches. You might also know them as “weeks”. So instead of busting my butt trying to come up with a topic (other than the website layout update), I’m going to steer you to other bloggers and writer websites.

First, Sarah Hoyt talks about writing to a market and the pitfalls that entails. It’s a pretty good piece, and I always find the information that the Mad Genius Club posts to be solid and informational.

Last week, Larry Correia talked about the dangers of writing a “Mary Sue”.  I, for one, had no idea what (or who) Mary Sue was. After reading his article, I started digging through my old novels and works in progresses. Thankfully I never Mary Sue’d myself. However, I started looking at other authors and realized that when you have a butt-kicking, mountain bike riding, black belt, SCUBA qual’d, Redneck rocket scientist and his name isn’t Travis then you Mary Sue’d yourself. Yes, that was a pointed reference. Curse you, Doc, for being able to Mary Sue yourself and still making your bio seem like a fictional character.

Go and read “Pimp My Mosque“, courtesy of Pajamas Media via The People’s Cube. I like absurdity at times. Really I do.

Finally, my friend Jenny over at Broke Foodie posted a killer recipe for an apple turnover/hot pocket. It doesn’t take long and came out very tasty. Her website, which is still getting going, has great recipes about how to eat well on home cooking with a cheap budget. Some of her stuff is hit and miss (I don’t like squash pizza but hey, to each their own) but she has tons of recipes. Go and give it a gander.

That’s all for this week. Keep the keyboard humming, writers.

2 thoughts on “Jason’s Being Lazy Today

  1. A whole bunch of interesting topics there, Jason — I’d read Ms. Hoyt’s blog (always insightful), and now I’d best go look at your friend who’s writing “Broke Foodie” because that sounds interesting, as I said in my earlier comment (when I thought I’d only leave one today — silly me! ;)).

    As for me, my most recent topic is about Chris Capuano and Ben Sheets, and rehabilitation, persistence, and baseball. The stuff about Sheets is mostly about his recent pitching surgery, with quotes from the beat writer in San Francisco and a few other headlines (such as “Ben Sheets Just Had the Most Massive Surgery In The History Of Pitching” by NBC Sports Hardball Talk on 8/11/10), while the stuff about Cappy is a follow-up to my earlier post. Which is why this one is called “Persistence Pays off, Pt. II.” 😉

    http://elfyverse.wordpress.com/2010/08/22/persistence-pays-off-part-ii-chris-capuano-wins-again-also-ben-sheets-surgery-update/ is the direct link, in case I actually do write another blog post today (thinking about that horrible “True Blood” Rolling Stone cover from a narrative perspective; I’ve read the Sookie Stackhouse books from Charlaine Harris and Harris goes out of her way to _not_ make her books hacker/slasher. Then to see _that_? How would _you_ like that as an author, no matter how much money it might make you? I know I’d be flat-out sickened, were I Harris . . . I’d _not_ be laughing all the way to the bank, though some writers would be, and gleefully so — more power to ’em, if so. Where do you fall on that scale?)

    • Well, if someone took Christian Cole and made it a slash flick, I’d be more than a little perturbed. After all, it’s about a teen.

      Again with Corruptor, though there is one scene that is a bit dangerous.

      I generally don’t do romance, so anyone trying to turn something I’ve created into a slasher flick is going to have their work cut out for them.

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