News Update: No More Cookies!

There’s something special about having your characters move on in their lives as your story (and series) progresses.

You see, to a lot of authors, these are your babies, your children growing up before your eyes. To your readers, these characters are often growing up with them, maturing as they do and doing things throughout their lives which the reader can relate to. It’s heartbreaking, but joyous at the same time, when you get to begin and end relationships your characters have. Why does this come up today, though, when I’ve focused more this week on what the effects characters have on their worlds?

It’s Andrew’s and Christine’s wedding this weekend!

I will be out of town starting tomorrow morning, and no updates will be forthcoming until next Tuesday at the earliest. In two weeks I’m starting something new, featuring World Fantasy Award nominee James Enge, that I’m calling “Enge Week”. I will be posting two review of his books (Blood of Ambrose and This Crooked Way), as well as (if he’s amiable to the plan) an interview in which we’ll (HOPEFULLY!!!!) find out more about his next book in the Morlock Ambrosius series, titled The Wolf Age.

Hopefully by the end of September I’ll see the cover of Corruptor and have a set release date so I can send all of you off to Amazon to pre-order (or go somewhere to buy the e-Arc, who knows). I also hope to do a quick article on Tom Ashwell and his new novel, The Halo Effect. They’re going to be auctioning off a voided proof copy for charity on EBay soon, so hopefully I’ll have some info next week about where to go to get your hands on a book before it’s released, as well as help support a good cause.

I’ll also have a new review up of Monster Hunter Vendetta soon, now that the book is more or less released. Quick note: I like it. A lot.

Also going to have a new reviewer possibly in the next few weeks, someone who actually has a critical eye for books. Yeah, I know, right? How can anyone take themselves serious on a blog titled “Shiny Book“? Well, he does, assuming he follows through with his suggestion. I’ll even come up with a bio for him (or he will, who knows?).

In the past month, this site has really taken off. I had more hits in the month of August than I had for the entire 10 months before, and September shows little sign of slowing down. I like to think that it’s my witty banter and advice but truthfully, it’s because of the guests I interview and sites like The Fifth Imperium to which I owe a lot to. The guests take time out of their writing schedule to let me pester them, which helps them out and this site as well.

So to all of those who read, participate, or get harassed by this site, I’d like to offer you my thanks.

You’re still not getting any cookies. They’re bad for you.

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