The Michelin Man Cometh

Good morning readers! How is your lovely day going? Oh, need some caffeine? Ah, you haven’t had breakfast yet… I understand. Here, have a donut or three with your coffee. Now some snacks… yum yum.

Believe it or not, the majority of writers are very unhealthy critters. We snack when we write, we sip absentmindedly at whatever drink is in our grasp. Many joke about putting scotch into a writer’s water to see if they’d notice (scotch? Trust me, we’d notice. Rum on the other hand…). I’ve had whole sandwiches placed near me when I’m in a groove that I ate and didn’t even realize that I had eaten anything until reminded of it later.

So how do we keep off the weight while trying to keep our three fans happy with writing production? That is the $54 million dollar question.

I’ve taken to going to the gym and playing basketball in my “dead” hours (i.e., hours I don’t normally write well, which is around 1-3pm). It gets my heart going, which in turn helps me lose a little weight. I’ve also tried to cut out the soda from my diet (unsuccessfully, I might add… soda is a harsh mistress) and got rid of the snacks. I also try to plan my food intake to be on an even schedule.

What other steps might a writer take to keep from looking like the Michelin Man?

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