This Week in Babbling…

Posting may be a little erratic this week, since A Bad Year For Tomatoes opens Thursday, October 7th. Tickets are still available for the opening night.

Got a message from a few people this week about Google search and yours truly. If you type in “jason cordova” it recommends “corruptor” to help you finish it off. That either means a lot of people are searching for me, or Google is psychically intuitive. I’m hoping that people are looking for me. A psychic Google is terrifying.

New review is up over at Shiny Book Review. Larry Correia, once again, knocks it out of the park. Go take a look.

I keep hearing whispers that Corruptor will be available as a non-DRM pdf file in two weeks or so. The Advance Reader Copy, that is. Still no word of official release date, but my Jedi senses are tingling… and no, I’m not on a caffeine high. I can’t wait to see what the book cover is like. I’m hoping that Clyde Caldwell does the cover, as the publisher teased me about a long time ago. Outside of Kurt Miller, Caldwell would be my favorite choice. Nothing against David Mattingly, but the thought of people looking at Corruptor‘s cover and thinking “Is this another Honor Harrington novel?” both makes me smile and cringe. Smile at the thought of additional sales, cringe because, in my head, Tori looks nothing like HH.

Drew a huge map of the Wraithkin universe, including the area of the Dominion of Man. It’s big. Takes up a good chunk of my wall. When I get my own office, the first thing I’m doing is whiteboarding a 10×8 section of a wall so I can have something for notes and maps and such. You realize just how cool that would be?

Got on Spore the other day and, in a fit of boredom, created what I think the alien Abassi look like. I then outfitted them with their version of battle armor and realized that they are 1) scary bastards, and 2) Spore was designed for just this thing. Really. It’s such a cool little function, and it distracted me from writing for a good hour as I tinkered with their skin patterns and the slope of their brow.

Also picked up Civilization 5 this week. I’ve played it a few times and, mostly, it’s like every other Civ game. Haven’t noticed many of the bugs other players are talking about, though one wheat field ate a unit during my attempt at making a second Roman empire. The evils of fields, as evidenced during the family movie Children of the Corn.

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