Here With An Update And A Free Beverage!*

Wow, what a weekend.

First off, I hope everyone had a safe and happy Reformation Day. Oh, and a Halloween day as well. I hope your kids got loaded up on sugar, bounced off the walls like drunken hippies at a Hell’s Angels-sponsored frat party and crashed on the living room floor, clutching in their tiny little hands the very last bit of that chocolate candy bar you swore you hid behind the cornmeal in your cabinet.

Secondly, I learned something very important this weekend: while an AK-47 might get all the news about how “easy” it is to fire and how “light” it is, it still kicks harder than a Barrett .50 BMG sniper rifle. BMG, in case you were wondering, stands for “big manly gun”. Really, I promise.After making my heart tickle firing the damn thing, I thought back to Tori in Corruptor and realized that the first time she fired one of those, her reaction would have been seriously close to mine.

“God damn that was beautiful…”

Of course, the Mosin-Nagant still kicks harder than either of the previously mentioned firearms…

Thirdly, I’m writing up the promo blurbs right now (short versions) of Corruptor for the publisher. I was also asked by the cover artist to describe a movie star which can resemble Tori. After careful consideration (okay, I couldn’t think of anyone so I asked around to people who knew the person I think Tori kind of looks like), we came up with “Reese Witherspoon”. *shrug* I’m sorry, it’s the best I can do.

Fourthly, today is the start of NaNoWriMo! Am I participating? Hell no, that’s for crazy people who can write at blistering paces and ignore family and friends. But I am reading some people’s work for them, since they are friends and want to know if they have what it takes to be a writer**. I think my reviews will be cohesive, gentle and amusing.

In other words, I’m going to huff paint before I read anything. My friends being who they are will appreciate the irony.

Ragnarok, written by my buddy Patrick Vanner, was just released and crept into the household. I think Peggey the Editor got her hands on it first (which isn’t fair, because she read the thing four years ago) but I’m hoping to get my paws on it so I can review it. I have a few other books to review over at SBR, but I have been unmotivated this past week to do much.

I’m tempted to write the prologue for Obliterator up here just to torment everyone who has read Corruptor. Yes, Tori returns, as well as Gargoyle and a few others. But the most interesting person from that book is a guy named Nick…

Well, I have things to do today. Have a good one.

*Disclaimer – In the interest of full disclosure, the author cannot guarantee anyone outside of his office will receive any free beverage.

**Disclaimer – The author made many attempts to reason with aspirants, given that the total books contracted by previously mentioned author is currently at 1.

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