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Deer Season! Wabbit Season!

I was sitting up in the tree stand yesterday, a .30-30 rifle cradled in my arms and was scanning the fields for deer when I suddenly had a thought:

“Man, this is definitely something that Nick would do.”

Nick, in case you don’t know, is the main character of Corruptor’s sequel, Obliterator. Yes, Tori’s still around, but the primary focus is on Nick because, well, Nick is cool.

But I was in the tree, thinking, and it dawned on my why men (and women) enjoy hunting. It wasn’t about the kill, but more of the silent, patient wait. It’s a game of cat and mouse almost, waiting and watching for an animal which blends in almost perfectly with the high grass of the fields. It’s the patient stalking of an animal that can literally smell you from almost four hundred yards away.

I like when I have epiphanies without trying. It’s like getting an answer from God when you aren’t even asking a question…

By Jason Cordova

Born in Orange, California, author Jason Cordova has written books ranging from the fantastical realms of fantasy to the militaristic side of science fiction. His latest should be out soon. Really. You should probably buy it. Check Amazon. Demand it at your local store. Pay for his kitten kibble.

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