November 30, 2010

Today Is The Day!!!

So the first few copies of the book were mailed out to readers both eager and not. I feel bad, though, because some of them just wanted generic “Jason Cordova” signatures, meaning I should check ebay next week to see if the book is up there and for sale.

Actually, I find it kind of funny. Imagine someone paying more than the listing price of my book… hahahahaha!

Ahem, sorry.

Anybody received their book today yet? I know UPS and Fedex usually run in the afternoons, but I’m impatient curious.

Gave Daniel of Blue Collar Joe’s, my favorite donut place in the world, his free copy and he was thrilled. I’m going to head down to B&N in a bit and see if they have any on the shelves I could sign. Then I’m going to snag a cup of the greatest peppermint hot chocolate in the world, relax and enjoy the day. I’ve waited long enough, I feel I’ve earned it.

Then tomorrow it’s back to reality. I’ve got some more promotional stuff to work on!

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  1. Hi Jason,
    Congrats on your big day. I saw the cover on TTB – looks fantastic. Best of luck!

    Darby Karchut


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