Maybe the Cold?

So with the wind chill right now, the temperature is 12F. The hell…?

Look, I moved away from Colorado so I wouldn’t have to deal with winters like this anymore. I do not miss the freezing cold winds or the snow that won’t melt. I guess I didn’t go far enough south.

Cuba, here I come…

On the other hand, I do feel a tad more creative today. I’ve been doing fairly well on the editing and reworking of Obliterator. Maybe the cold… Nah.


5 thoughts on “Maybe the Cold?

    • After the winter of 2006-2007, I swore off Colorado. A blizzard every weekend for six straight weekends? No thanks.

    • I liked the cold. I don’t like the windy cold. Give me freezing temps with no wind chill and I am your man.

      Make me sit out in 20+ mph winds when the air temp is 26F to start… no thank you.

      • Oh do I hear that. Those are the types of days when, if I get feeling a little draggy and run-down, I like to go open the door for about 5 seconds. Nice refreshing blast of cold that wakes ya RIGHT up.

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