I Hate That Guy

Yeah, I know… The Absolute True Story of Santa Claus isn’t up yet. I’m fixing the beginning, which had been bothering me for some reason and I only just put my finger on it. POV shift. Whoops.

In other news, Stargate:Universe was just cancelled by SyFy. I liked watching SGU but I wanted to kill just about every major character on the show. The only one who didn’t bother me was Eli’s character, and now that they gave him a girlfriend (I’m about 4 episodes behind the show, since it comes on on Tuesdays and I usually don’t like to watch TV during the week) which takes away the endearing “I’m in love with Chloe who is in love with Scott who was banging the Special Forces chick less than an hour before he met Chloe…” oh, and did we mention Scott also got a girl pregnant when he was 16 and ran away?

Okay, so I despise Scott’s character. I don’t think I’ve ever hated a character more (and that’s saying something, considering how much I was ready to track down and strangle the writers of BSG for turning Starbuck into a drunk and mystical shaman…) than I do with Scott’s. It’s a deep, deep loathing that makes me want to kick him in the nads every single time his face appears on screen. I don’t really understand it, if the producers and writers wanted to ensure that I would hate Scott, then why use an actor I actually like? Getting Lou Diamond Phillips on the show was a great idea… outside of La Bamba I have never really liked the characters he’s played. I get wary every time someone announces they’re using him and, if he’s not cast as a villain, I watch the entire show waiting for him to turn bad. SGU offered know such pretenses and made you hate him right from the start. I knew who I hated there.

Using Brian J. Smith makes me wary now of seeing any future film or show he’s in. Too bad, he’s a halfway decent actor.

So characters… do you have any you hate?

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