News Flash! Hey, Put That Away…


Few updated notes:

  1. Thanks to all who purchased Corruptor over the past month. Print book sales have tailed on Amazon (as expected), though I have sold almost all of my print copies I had shipped to me. The ebook has been doing fairly well thanks to you, with it being #21 in SF over at Fictionwise and #1 for my publisher. That last bit made me smile.
  2. For those of you who wanted a print copy but don’t feel like shelling out a lot of dollars, I’m having a contest at the end of the month for a FREE copy of Corruptor, which will also include shipping to you for free. That means that everything is free. So what’s the contest? Basically, put your name and email into any post from now until Jan 15th and you are entered. Two winners will be chosen at random and will be informed soon afterwards. If you don’t win, you’re still encouraged to buy the ebook, of course.
  3. Next, I’m thinking about a Corruptor themed t-shirt. I’ve already got the quote in mind (the last line in the book, actually) but if anyone has a different favorite quote, I’d love to hear it.
  4. Finally, I may be adding another convention to the appearances page soon. I’m waiting to hear back from the con committee to hear if they want me or not. I’m still scheduled for Mysticon in February and I’ll have copies of Corruptor there for sale ($15, I’m lowering the price to clear out the last few I have). I think I might be able to talk my publisher into attending as well. That would be nice, since I’ve never met her before.

2 thoughts on “News Flash! Hey, Put That Away…

  1. Congrats on doing so well with your novel. I bet your publisher is very pleased. Best of luck as the new year peeks around the corner at us. I really like your blog because of your “insider” view of the publishing world. Keep up the good work!

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