Word Count Counting

Okay, so I did make one tiny little resolution for New Year’s. This one will be easier to keep than the traditional “Lose weight, flabby!” one I make on a yearly basis. I’m keeping a running word count of everything I do this year, so I won’t lose two day’s worth of production the next time I do a yearly word count. That includes everything I do here, btw. Ambitious? Somewhat…

Interview for the Botetourt View coming out this week. I think it’s the View, I’m not certain. The journalist who interviewed me was kind of vague, but I’m keeping one eye open for the interview. Hopefully she doesn’t make me out to be some sort of Hunter S. Thompson wannabe.

…on second thought, minus the heroin, that’d be pretty cool.

Haven’t broken my other resolution, which is to cut out fast food entirely. Last year I swore off soda, which would have been fine had my sudden departure from the caffeinated beverage hadn’t developed a sudden kidney stone. I think that’s the first time a doctor has ever said that soda might actually be good for me. Weird, right?

I also got Citadel by John Ringo and read it already. I must say… as a writer, I’m glad that John keeps going. His sales are keeping utopians up late at night, tossing and turning in fitful rage as they struggle to conceive that aliens might not have our best interest in mind should we ever have a first contact. However… outside of The Last Centurion, I haven’t read anything “great” from John in a long time. Just “good” and “decent” books. Maybe I am expecting the moon from Ringo? I don’t know. Maybe it’s just that I’ve expanded my reading horizon so much this past year that now a book must be stellar in my eyes. However, I am looking forward to his collaboration with Larry Correia, of Monster Hunter fame. If anyone can bring a fresh air to John’s creative process, it’s the former defense contractor-accountant-turned author.

Not like I have room to talk… I’ve sold as many books in one month as he does on an average day. So he must be doing something right…

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