Gone But Not Forgotten… For Now

When I’m in the writing process and have moved beyond the researching part, one of the things I do is bring out my little statue of Ganesh and sit him right at the top of my keyboard. I then taunt him mercilessly, asking him if he would like a peanut (and did he really mean it?). I’m sure almost a billion Hindi across the world would be aghast at my treatment of one of their deities, but Ganesh and I have a history so I’m sure they’ll tolerate my insensitivity.

But anyone who comes into my room knows that once Ganesh is in his proper place, I am officially in writer’s mode. I’m sitting at the computer for long hours, plugging away while trying to block out everything else. This has led to many confrontations between my creativity and this Hindu god on my desk. It usually doesn’t end well for me, and I have some written words drooling out of my head. However, I do get the story done, so Ganesh always comes back out.

I recall someone asking if they found it weird that writers talk about their muses. Most of the replies were from people who babbled on about the psyche of a writer who couldn’t grasp the idea that the writer would give their creativity a name. But a few of us (yes, I replied… I wear the cone of shame) admitted that having the unbridled creativity running rampant through our heads needed an identity, lest we lose ourselves in the story. So we’ve given them names, treat them as real people and (for the most part) listen to what they say. Granted, I don’t know many people outside of the Catholic Church who let a god run around in their head willingly. But having that distinct difference in attitude when writing sometimes makes me feel like I have more of a connection with my stories and characters. Not because they’re part of me, but because I’ve been introduced to them by Ganesh.

Weirded out yet? I sure was when I finally just slapped a label on it.

So do you have a muse? What’s his/her/its name?

Oh, and one more thing. I’ll be going offline for the weekend. Hope everyone has a good time. Be back Monday.

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