It’s Child’s Play

Had a bit of a head cold this weekend (which sucked, I’ll add) but apparently I’m all better now.

Last week was a very productive week in the Wraithkin universe. Not only did I crank out 17,000 words, I might actually keep about 9,000 of it, which is pretty good for me (yes, new authors… every single word you write is NOT literary gold. Crap, you’ll be lucky to find about 50% of it to be worth anything at all…).  I also wrote two reviews (another 2,000 words or so), and blogged here a lot. So yeah, I had a very productive week.

Was reading about how the star Betelgeuse (“Beetlejuice!”… yeah, Winona Ryder is screwed….) is expected to go supernova sometime in the near future (some are breathlessly exclaiming it’ll be 2012, Mayan doom yada yada yada… while others are saying “In the future sometime”.) and we should be able to see it with our naked eye. That sounds cool and all until you think about how many SF stories have based their premise on this exact idea. My money is on an alien race using the flash to cover their annihilation of another alien race in their fight to the death. Hey, if they can master FTL, blowing up a star is child’s play.

Child’s play. Trust me.

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