I hate Wikipedia for most research but for fiction writing, it can be helpful.

Back in Denver (where the majority of my stuff is still at) I have a library of research books. Books about the Crusades, various wars in history, and famous leaders throughout the Middle Ages were always ready for me. But now I have to rely on such intermediaries like Wikipedia and I can’t help but shake the feeling that something is going to go wrong.

I know my readers and they are a very… researching bunch. If I claim something in a book they will go and see if I’m correct. For example, I drew a lot of heat from people because I added a safety to a Glock 9mm handgun. Apparently Glock’s don’t have safeties. Who knew?

Apparently a few people… I’m just glad I had time to catch that before it went to print.

Another question I see coming up is when people ask about the virtual reality device (I called it the “neural interface device”) in today’s use. I’ve received a few questions about the potential of using the devices as I do in the books, primarily in response to PTSD. Here is a video link to what the University of Chicago has been doing recently.

Just FYI… I wrote it in 2006/7, so I didn’t steal this for Corruptor.

But to do all this, I had to read quite a few books and bug even more neurologists (Thank you Furdik!) about what one could and could not do with the brain.

So where do you go for research?

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