Hall of the Mountain King

Just a brief music post for the day. Wrapping up …AND INJUSTICE FOR ALL this week for the upcoming anthology, “Lawyers in Hell“.

[edit 12:09 pm] Well, it was going to be a music post before they got all “copyright infirngement” on me. Really. You’d think that they would want their song shared. I mean, really.

And people wonder why the music industry is not doing so well…

2 thoughts on “Hall of the Mountain King

  1. Haven’t wondered since the day they announced the Napster Lawsuit.

    Heard the announcement on the radio when I was in my car. They read the release pretty much as written, citing serious loss of income due to piracy blah blah blah.

    The DJ then went on without ANY inflection to his voice to the next news article, which was that CD sales had hit an all-time high the previous quarter. And it’s been pretty steadily declining ever since, as I understand it.

    Someday there might be some record execs that “get it”, but they’re running out of time in a major major way.

    • They will never get it, primarily because they had done it the same way for so long that it’s hard to break out of the thought process they’re locked into.

      Look at publishing. We’ve known for years the route of publishing was going to include ebooks, and yet it’s only now that they’re finally getting serious about it. Their thought process? Lock it all down, like the RIAA did.

      We all know how that turned out.

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