Plague, Arriving

The plague has descended upon humanity once more, its earthly visage being two small, innocent children…

Yeah, the kids are sick and home from school again. Just makes the timing all the more difficult because I am alone with the plague.

I’m skeered.

“AND INJUSTICE FOR ALL” is completed and turned in to the editor. Story has been accepted for the Lawyers in Hell anthology officially (yay!) and now I’m outlining my next installment in the series. For Adventurers in Hell, I’m featuring Juan Ponce de Leon (I served aboard the USS Ponce and even visited Puerto Rico once or twice, so there is a link… plus I’m fairly certain the Cordoba’s are distantly related) attempting to break in somewhere and steal something very important. Why? Because he’s a conquistador, that’s why! You don’t need any other reason when you are there to conquer in the name of (insert deity or patron here).

Other than that, not much to report on. Just eyeballing more stuff for Wraithkin, as well as prepping Christina Cole to head out into the world once more. Con season is both energizing and exhausting at the same time.

Oh, for those of you watching the “Appearances” section here, you’ll note that I added then removed Ravencon. I have nothing against Ravencon or its staff, but I realized after the fact that I had a conflict. So hopefully in 2012 I’ll be at Ravencon.

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