Working To Stay Working

So I’m on a Heinlein kick right now, sue me.

I finished (again) The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress and am now on a Heinlein juvenile, titled Space Cadet. It’s one I was unfamiliar with so I started it last night. So far, about what I expected from a book written in 1948, though the mention of cellphones was pretty interesting. I’m still working my way through it though, so time will tell if I’m pleased or not. So far, though, so good.

Also working my way through Stephen Zimmer’s The Exodus Gate (still). It’s a pretty intense fantasy/SF/alternate world novel, and not something of a light read. It’s pretty good but the fantasy tends to overwhelm me (and I think it’s fairly common knowledge that fantasy isn’t my favorite genre), but it’s not killing me (like other fantasy novels… no, no names. I protect the guilty).

Cleaning up And Injustice For All for the Lawyers in Hell anthology, and I started The Shadow Behind You for Adventurers in Hell, the follow-up to Lawyers in Hell. After that, I should be getting on to Forever After in Visionaries in Hell, followed by The Hellish Hand for the next volume (which I am not certain the exact name of the title).

Busy busy…

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