Another Boring Update

Well, I no longer feel as though I’ve been flattened by a truck. This is a good thing.

Just got my invite back to Mysticon for 2012. The invites are going out this weekend. Apparently I jumped the gun when I emailed my contact person last night asking about it. Ah well, now I know. The nice thing is, I’ll have more publishing credits to my name by next year. Yes, I’ll update my “Appearances” page accordingly.

Though it’s not book related, I’ll also be at the Bluegrass Morgan Show in Lexington, Kentucky on July 7th. I’ll be helping out my friends at Paradise Morgans, who have many champions participating in the event. I won’t have any books for sale with me but I’m sure that UVM Springfield will love the attention if you come say Hi to him.

I received a contract for And Injustice For All this past weekend, and my editor is happy with the story’s final outcome. It took grueling working conditions (Starbucks runs and lots of fried foods) to accomplish it, but both editor and I are extremely happy with the way the story came out. Who knows, it might be good enough for awards nomination. Lawyers in Hell, as a whole, might be a large anthology, but it’s a very good one.

Also got tagged to play in Michael H. Hanson’s Sha’Daa universe in two upcoming anthologies. Sha’Daa III: Pawns and Sha’Daa IV: Catechisms look to be two very fun books. I just started my story for Pawns last night and all I’ve got to say is I’m glad I don’t write horror/fantasy often. I’d give myself nightmares. The other story involves Faberge eggs. Take what you want from that little tidbit.

One more anthology invite as well, though this one isn’t set yet. I’m looking forward to that one as well, for all of us writers were invited to retell the tale of a much-maligned fantasy race. I hope that it goes through and everyone who showed interest in it gets in. Some potential big names in that one.

No news on how well my sales have been, but I heard a rumor that my book was seen in a store – in Canada. I’m not certain how I feel about that yet, though it is a good sign. The person who saw it is going back this weekend to buy it (assuming somebody else hasn’t picked it up yet). So I guess I’ll know if more books are out at independent booksellers. Corruptor hasn’t been selling as well as one could have hoped, but for those of you attending either LibertyCon or Fandom Fest this July I should have a copy available for purchase.

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