I’m in a foul mood this morning.

Last night, a school under investigation for alleged recruitment violations won the national basketball championship. Never mind the fact, apparently, that this championship is probably going to be stripped and vacated. Never mind the school that got beat was (so far as one can tell) following the rules while the victor got caught cheating in their recruitment. It’s a crappy system but unfortunately for basketball fans everywhere, it’s the best one they have right now.

Meh… I didn’t even attend Butler either, and all I feel for UConn’s win last night it utter contempt and loathing.

Speaking of loathing… why oh why doesn’t the gas station have those giant 1 liter Coke bottles anymore? Now they have piddly little 24 oz, and then a 2 liter. I am no amused by this, especially since I realized that my caffeine withdrawals was making me a bitter and curmudgeonly old man. Must be gettin’ old; all I feel like doing is complaining today.

On the plus side, Crouching Seal, Sleeping Dragon is sent off to the editor of Sha’Daa II: Pawns. Hopefully Ed likes it and says “Let’s roll!”. Once it’s done, it’s on to finish the Slave of the Dark Moon series and the last two short stories I have due: the untitled Catechism story for Sha’Daa IV (with Rebecca Wilson), and the Orc story for another anthology. Then… Adventurers in Hell (In the Shadow of Paradise is the working title for the Juan Ponce de Leon story), Visionaries in Hell, and finally, Swashbucklers in Hell (Exit Stage Right with the irascible Erroll Flynn making his first appearance).

So… that comes out to 5 more short stories to write, a 5 book series to do (Slave of the Dark Moon), an 8 book series to wrap up (Christian Cole), and Wraithkin.

For those of you wondering about the sequel to Corruptor — unless another publishing house picks it up, it’s not happening anytime soon. I know, it’s sad, but sometimes effort isn’t rewarded. Corruptor and its sequels — Obliterator, Devstator and Vindicator — will go into a file on my desktop and wait for a time when I can dictate the releases on my terms. But… think of it this way. That copy you have now? The paperback? When I’m all rich and famous and people think I’m such a brilliant writer, you can whip out your 1st Ed version of Corruptor and argue that you were reading me when I was only a decent writer. You know, like most people do whenever Heinlein is mentioned at a convention.

How’s that for motivation?

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