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Chili Metaphor

I love when people use cooking analogies to describe writing.

Some talk about how their writing is oftentimes classified as the “veggies” part of the meal: something you know is good for you but usually looks unappealing at first glance. Others talk about how their story is the “meat” to everyone else’s potatoes — unless you’re a vegan, you’re going to find it enjoyable (unless it’s overdone, but by then the analogies get strange). Or that their book is like cake: good, but in the end best in small doses.

My books? Well, I think my book is like a good chili: I throw it all together in a slow cooker and hope to God that it comes out all right.

Yes, you just chuckled. Then you stopped and realized “Crap, he’s serious.

I don’t always know how my book is going to come out. I’d like to hope it’s good, but sometimes I just added a little too much of something and it took away from the entire experience. Or even worse, I tend to go crazy and forget something entirely.

I’m bad at metaphors. So what is your writing like? Meat and taters? Juicy hamburger? Tofu?

By Jason Cordova

Born in Orange, California, author Jason Cordova has written books ranging from the fantastical realms of fantasy to the militaristic side of science fiction. His latest should be out soon. Really. You should probably buy it. Check Amazon. Demand it at your local store. Pay for his kitten kibble.

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