Time Waster, That’s Me

I must’ve really needed sleep last night because I slept through two different alarms this morning. Granted, I usually sleep through the first alarm (0645) anyways, but the second alarm usually gets me (0710).

But… I’m so tired because instead of writing yesterday, I was drawn into a muckfest on Wikipedia. And as any editor on that thing knows, when the mud is flying, it’s going to be a long, drawn out war.

I’d normally ignore something like this (I usually avoid all of the Wikipedia wars) because outside of the links I find on there to lead me to info on research I need for a book, Wikipedia is usually avoided. Sure, I occasionally browse through, but mostly I leave it alone. It’s a great place, however, if…


Okay, okay, quit looking at me like that. I’ll go get some real work done.

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