Big Whoops

So much going on, so little time…

In setting up a business, one needs to check to make certain that there’s nobody else out there using your name. You’d think that this is an obvious one, but for those of us who are more focused on getting the book out it just is one of those things that you don’t think about. Something you take for granted, especially when you came late to the party.

Yeah, whoops.

It’s not the end of the world, however, figuring out what it should be called. However, it’s one of those minor things that should be taken care of but everything is moving so quickly at this point that I just missed it. This is something I should have caught, when you think about it. I’m usually pretty on top of things like this. So yeah, my bad.

Other than that, just the normal work week ahead. Wrapping up In the Shadow of Paradise and continuing the struggle to stay on schedule with everything. So far, so good. But it’ll get crazy in July, so I’d like to get ahead of schedule if I can. Once July hits, I’m pretty sure I’ll fall behind if I’m not ready. And right now I’m not ready.

Off to do work while listening to some Dropkick Murphys. Getting my nonexistent Irish on.

One thought on “Big Whoops

  1. Having faced that issue both in my father’s business “Casey’s Masonry” was taken from the word go…

    As well as personally when starting to admit my closet activities (blush, yes, I’m a recovering story-teller, I’ve been clean now for…. oh damn… nevermind, now which way did that wagon go?) did you know that there are LOTS of people named CASEY on this planet… *sigh* apparently up front I’m a rock singer, a violinist, a pro golfer, fairly high up in tennis, as well as a stock broker, an insurance agent, and several memebers of both the British (England? Irland? Scotland?) parliament and constabulary… all under the same name Paul Casey… Oh well, Good thing I have Mulitple personality disorder *grin*

    Good luck on your getting ahead. I do so enjoy these snippets into the world of a writer who’s stuff I like.

    Dan Casey.

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