So Far, So Good

Okay, so the first day of work yesterday was interesting. I’ve never done a coffee tasting (and eaten a pastry) before starting my day, so this was a new experience. After that, it was a long time watching training videos and whatnot before I went home and crashed. So far, all my coworkers are really cool, some are almost as geeky as me and most are bookworms. That’s a new (and strange) experience as well.

We’re coming down to the wire with Pawns. I have that story in and am now eagerly waiting for the cover to appear. I also saw both the trade proof and hardcover proof of the Lawyers in Hell anthology, and that is absolutely gorgeous. I might pick up a few hardcovers just because of how pretty they are. Turned in my Adventurers in Hell story and am waiting for some feedback regarding one of the characters before I go over it one last dozen or so times. It needs to be perfect.

Was thinking more about Dean Wesley Smith’s book “gift” card idea and realized that this is going back towards the paper route that ebooks have been moving away from. Well, had it realized for me. Why would someone avoid, say, Amazon or B& or any of the other ebook distributors by purchasing a “gift” card and then using the code once they get home to pick up the book online? Other than cutting out the middle man (Amazon, for instance), I don’t see the benefits. Ten years ago, before ebooks were really taking off, this would have been a huge thing. Unfortunately, I’m starting to think it’s a dated idea that had it’s moment back in the early 2000’s (if at all).

Yes, I made it safely to Kentucky (pretty sure my last post announced that) and yes, I’ve seen the horses (look out my kitchen window, there they are (hell, look to my left and out the window and there’s about five of them hanging out in the shade)). In fact, one of the yearling thoroughbreds seems to like me. Strange.

So far, so good.

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