Busy weekend, and this week isn’t getting any easier.

The brother of one of the guys at work was in a car crash and the coworker had to take off, which means a lot of shifts had to be covered. Enter SuperJason, with his amazing ability to fill in the gaps. I picked up about 10 more hours this week, and then after I get off Friday night I’m off to Virginia for the book signing at Barnes & Noble. Then I rush back so I can be at work early Monday morning. Yippee!

In truth, I love this. It’s nice to be working full time while writing and helping get Perseid Publishing off the ground. I knew I was underutilized and was severely hampering myself with no motivation, but now it seems that with work, writing and more work I’m getting some more self-esteem than I’m used to. It’s… nice.

what the hell is up with my picture?

Anyways, I found out that you can now pre-order the paperback of Lawyers in Hell over at Amazon.  It says out of stock (naturally) but it is available for pre-order. So… pre-order. Go right ahead, be the first to have the reincarnated Heroes in Hell series. Twenty-two years since it went on hiatus, it’s back. You want it. I want you to have it. So go ahead.

seriously, is that gator molesting that little boy or something? 

Also, I should be finding out when the pre-order for the next Sha’Daa anthology. Pawns looks to be filling up, and I think we’re almost ready to go. I don’t know where my story is in the pecking order, but I’m hoping for last (simply because it would fit with the story). Lots of authors who are way more famous than I am are in it, and I hope that my story holds up to all of theirs.

…okay, I’m calling Protective Services. That gator is getting too frisky and invading that little boy’s space. 

Hooray book publishing industry!

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