Book Signage Party Time

So the big book signing at Barnes&Noble went well, despite it getting off to an inauspicious start. Apparently, I wasn’t added to their events calendar, so not many people outside of those I’ve informed (which is quite a few people, but still) got the word in time. Still, sold four times the amount of books that all the other authors did during the week, and I finagled my way into having the store to myself on a Saturday afternoon. So…

It’s very weird having the synopsis of your novel being announced over the intercom every hour. The helpful B&N staff went out of their way to make certain I was comfortable and prepared. A really cool sign announcing who I was and a ton of books to sign and I was ready to go.

About four hours later, I was pooped. I didn’t know that talking about your book, practically nonstop, for four hours was that exhausting. I made new fans (yay Roanoke people! You rock!) and saw some older ones (who already have copies of the book but picked up a new copy). IKt was a lot of fun and, more importantly, it gave me an idea about just how a book signing at a store should run. Unfortunately for all the other B&N’s I plan on hitting, I’m going to hold them to the awesome standards set by the Valley View team.

Also: Lawyers in Hell is available for preorder at B&, as well as Amazon. Click here for B&, or here for Amazon. My story, And Injustice For All, is in this book. Yes, my metal fans, that is a play off of a Metallica album. Take that as you will.

Oh, and I shaved my head. Air conditioning. Go me.


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