London’s burning, and Tehran is asking for the London police to exercise restraint during the riots.

…seriously, I did not pull this off of The Onion.

Irony aside (or is that not irony? I get so confused…), I’m currently bogged down with writing. Updating here is becoming difficult as I prepare to move into my new apartment (yay!), bought a new bed (boo!… yay!), and spent pretty much all of my savings (BOOOO!!!) in doing so. Posting will definitely be sporadic the next few weeks as I get the internet hooked up and find a new desk (Staples has the one I want… anybody wanna buy a book?).

Other than that, I’ve been trying to meet deadlines while working full time. Go team deadline!

…sigh. That never works.

I love deadlines. I love the “whooshing” sound they make as they fly by – Douglas Adams.

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