Wraithkin Society

So I was doing some more thinking today about Wraithkin and the series as a whole, and comparing a lot of it to today’s society. I wasn’t pleased with my thought process.

Someone asked on Facebook the other day “When did you decide to be straight?”, in regards to an argument about whether or not someone chooses to be gay or is born that way. I realized that forcing gays to be spayed and neutered like anyone else in my universe who is not genetically Perfect would be reasonable, due to the argument that they do not choose it (long argument for and against, I’m not getting into it… not my fight) and are born gay. A society which prides itself on Perfection as a species would look down at homosexuality the most, due to some beliefs that they choose to be an Imperfect. This would piss off Perfects more than anything else, because to most of them (let’s say the elite Upper House of Lords, who are the hereditary parliamentarians) think that any of those who turn their back on Perfection should be punished the worst.

…the mind boggles.

And yet, I can’t find a flaw in my reasoning. It pains me to admit that this behavior towards homosexuality in my fictional universe is absolutely reasonable by their society standards. Remember, this is a culture that if you test positive for the genetic trait for a type of (easily treatable) cancer, you are shunned, castrated (or worse) and can never own property or be a regular Citizen of the Dominion.


Yeah, good luck with that, buddy.

I’m trying to keep this series from being about society and more about the love story that it is (think Macbeth meets Armor), but the more I flesh out the universe I’m writing (was partway done with Book 2, but am rewriting Wraithkin due to the flaws in the armor of the suits and all that…) the more I’m discovering that while the Dominion of Man is a definite step up from the Islamic oligarchy ruling Earth, it’s still a crappy place to live when compared to our own society today.

*sigh* Grim, dark, depressing and yet… humorous. Adventurous, splashed with a healthy dose of unrequited love and loyalty.

It’s going to be a helluva good book when it’s done.

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