Promotional Quandary

I’ve been watching my sales numbers slide (okay, dive bombing into ruin) and I can’t help but to wonder, “How do I reverse this trend?”

A number of options came to mind. The first, naturally, is to sell the sequel. The problem is, the sequel isn’t done (and I doubt the publisher would touch it even if it was complete…) and I can’t really send it anywhere else, unless I self-publish it. That makes a lot of sense, but creates more work for me when I don’t really have the extra time at the moment.

I also have been talking to my local Joseph-Beth Bookseller and they might be willing to carry Corruptor and Lawyers in Hell, so long as the return policy isn’t too screwed up. Not a problem with Lawyers in Hell, naturally, but potential problem with Corruptor. This takes me back to step one.

I could, perhaps, bribe the dear readers with freebies. However, outside of an unapproved sequel which will never see the light of day, I have nothing to offer as a freebie. Maybe some short stories set in The Warp? I thought about doing that but again, there isn’t a publisher for it at the moment.

I could, potentially, offer clandestine photos of the “author at work” but all you’ll get is a lot of pics of me at my desk, looking at my keyboard with a pained expression or a picture of me playing Civilization V or chess. This is boring, dull and really of no interest except for Civ lovers and really strange people.

Or… I can get a cat and take really fun pictures of it, and in exchange people can buy more copies of my book to fund the cat picture rampage. This could have lots of unintended consequences (see Scalzi, John: “Bacon Cat”) of which my server may not be prepared to handle.

But… the kitteh!

Yes, yes. I know.

Viral marketing… hmmm… there’s a thought. I’ve seen book trailers be made, and I don’t have one yet, but the dearth of book trailers on youtube make me pause. There’s only so much cool music someone’s going to listen to while having your cover be stuck on the page before they grow tired of it, right?

A book trailer shot in a setting similar to a scene in the book, though… that could sell some books. It would also cost some to make, but just think of the possibility. Best of all? I already know who would play Tori.

So, any other ideas out there to help promote or sell the book?

more kitteh!!!

3 thoughts on “Promotional Quandary

  1. Change your name to Jason Corriea Ringo Flint-Cordova?

    If I come up with anything useful (and not smartass-y) I’ll chime in for reals.

    • I’m already next to Larry on the bookshelves (Cordova-Correia), no need to confuse us any more (he’s the large guy, I’m the almost-large guy).

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