Long-winded TV Rant

Hooray! Glee! is back on tv!

…what the hell is up with this story line? Seriously, we have to listen to lines like “Gonna make sweet caramel babies” for the entire season? One of the most intriguing aspects/story lines they had set up at the end of season 2 was the biracial relationship between Mercedes and Sam. Instead of exploring this, they choose to bring in Blaine, Kurt’s boyfriend.

I’m all for equality, but Blaine/Kurt is effin’ boring. Blaine is boring, his character is boring. Kurt is boring because he’s a Liberace hybrid of Rachel, outside when he was (believably) flipping out about Finn becoming closer to his dad than Kurt felt. Sam/Mercedes was original and interesting, as both of them are characters that really haven’t been fully explored yet by the writers. You have the muscular, athletic white male and the overweight, amazingly talented black female. It was fascinating to think of the angles, story lines and plots that could have developed as these two grew as characters together. Now, no Sam, and Mercedes is dating one of the football players who was constantly tormenting the glee club since the first season. The new angle is lame, lame, lame.

Oh, and for the love of god man, quit making Mike the “stereotypical Asian guy”. The throwaway line of “My mom hasn’t decided what Ivy League school I’m going to yet” really annoys me. Asian moms push their kids, yes, but they don’t choose the Ivy League school for them. They just make certain their kid is picking a great school (and Stanford is a great school, which is where most of my Asian friends from high school went).

Oh, and kill this “Quinn the rebel” thing. It’s really, really horribly acted and written. You want to make it interesting? Have her dress plainly, boring. Have her stop trying to stand out so much, since that seems to be her problem in school. Have her become… darker. Not “punkish”, but darker. A teenage pregnancy, being used and dumped by a ridiculous boyfriend, and a tool of a teacher/coach  would push some people over the edge. The punk angle? No. The overbearing depression and suicidal issues, and even possibly dropping out of school? YES. Think of the story line you could go with here, Glee writers. Besides all that, the first person she would turn to in her moment of crisis is Mercedes and not anyone from the Cheerios. I never did understand the insistence of the writers to ensure that Quinn, Santana and Brittany remain solid friends in spite of the backstabbing that seems to go on there. Maybe I just never witnessed teenage girls doing that while I was in high school?

Do I need to write up a Character Development 101 lesson for Hollywood? Do they actually expect viewers to buy this horse crap they’re shoveling off as “normal teenage behavior”? Sheesh…

…wow, I’m really starting to rant here about a stupid teen’s tv show. Maybe it’s just that the writing is that bad this season?

Maybe I need to find a new show to watch?

Hey, Terra Nova is on Hulu. Maybe I should give that one a try… Travis’s show, Rocket City Rednecks, premiered last night as well. I guess I need cable or something.

Edit (1427 EST): Other than bullet proof dinosaurs, Terra Nova seems like it’s off to a solid start. The teenage boy is annoying (as they always seem to be in every show these days), but enough mystery, adventure and world building to keep me entertained. 

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