Jericho Questions

This Grinch will steal your books. Guard them well.

I wonder if anybody else got into Jericho as fiercely as I have and stopped to ask themselves “How did this show get cancelled?” Really. How did it get cancelled? It has good writing, realistic characters and enough mystery to keep the viewer coming back for more. Was this a casualty of the writer’s strike? Another big mistake where the studio thought that “reality” tv was going to be what people only wanted?

Well, however they came to this decision, it’s a pity that shows like Jersey Shore are somehow on the air while Jericho is no longer around. If SyFy wasn’t so abundantly stupid these days, it would have been a good show for them. Or even someone like TNT or TBS. It’s not like the special effects (read: Firefly) did the show in. For the most part I expect the actors weren’t overpaid like Friends or anything.

So can anybody tell me what happened?

Also, later tonight look for a double review of Monster Hunter Alpha and Dead Six. Yes, Larry Corriea fans, I’ll be doing a double whammy over at Shiny Book Review.

It’s like Christmas for your books!


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