Off Day Magic

I don't get caught often. But when I do, I act adorable. Stay adorable my friends.

Sorry about yesterday’s post. Was over-analyzing something I had on my mind and it blew up into… that.

More free stuff over at Sarah Hoyt’s place. Seriously, if you aren’t following her FREE book yet, you really should. Here are chapters 5 & 6. Go read. FREE. Seriously.

Got (and finished) Spellbound: Book 2 of the Grimnoir Chronicles, by Larry Correia. It’s pretty good, though not nearly as entertaining as his first one in the series, Hard Magic. I had a few particularly vivid moments in Spellbound, especially when I saw the King Kong reference. But it felt as though the book didn’t really take off until the midway point, and it was a long wait to be had. I’ll have a longer review up at SBR on Sunday, but it was a decent enough followup effort.

Been writing on my days off and I’m mildly disappointed. I mean, how hard is it to rewrite something you’ve already written once before? You would think it’s easy, but holy crap it’s hard. It’s almost harder the second time around, because you’re constantly striving to improve things while fixing the real reasons you started the rewrite in the first place. Talk about frustrating…

May I remind a few of you that I graduated high school more than 15 years ago and, barring some TARDIS-related disaster, it’s not coming back. Get over yourselves. Really. You’re married with three kids, one of whom are going to be starting high school soon. Let go of your petty grudges. Besides, it wasn’t even my fault that your reputation (in high school, no less) was shot because you wrecked my car.

Seriously. Move on.

Otherwise, today has been a pretty normal day off. I’m heading to Virginia for a few days in November, so don’t expect a lot out of me during the first week.

2 thoughts on “Off Day Magic

  1. If I’m writing for keeps, I either have to leave the darn thing for several *years* before attempting a rewrite, or do something more similar to editing. Re-writing twice in a row has always been pretty much impossible for me (except in middle and High school, when the final draft was to be certain my handwriting was legible…)

    • It’s rough. I wrote the two novels in question back in 2008 and have more or less let them sit while other books were worked on. These two are dear to my heart, though, and I hope to have everything cleaned up before too long.

      Thanks for posting. 🙂

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